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  • All,

    Uptown v5 is now live here is the changelog.

    -Elo Season 2 started, The final standings for season 1 can be found and here is a snapshot

    - !dm Command linked to Uptown Dueling arena
    - Bug Fixes related to dm
    - New Item: Dog's Cuffsaw: costs $12m and has 0 cool-down. Available in secret vendor on the map

    More to come in the following month including combine npc event and ant…
  • All,

    The time has come to visit a newly revamped uptown by Mico aka Mav.

    Admins have been hard at work setting up the npcs, doors and props to personalize the map for our server.

    I plan to double check everything tomorrow night and then if its good we can switch. We will be on uptown by no later than this Saturday morning.

    Remember you do not have to sell your house before the deadline but I recommend doing…
  • All,

    As summer nears its end, our next map begins.

    Introducing Rp_Uptown_v5. By Mico.

    Thats right, the fifth edition of uptown surprise release by Mav is ready to be played.

    Featuring a new layout, new soccer arena, new dueling arena, new PD, New housing, and New Casino!

    We will begin setup this weekend and plan to have the map ready by early September, As well as the start of ELO season 2.

  • All,

    Our next map has been setup by the admin team, by popular vote we are returning to rp_freemancity_kbm_v1a

    Mav has been working with Humam on a updated Uptown v4 with a new Soccer arena and a few other surprises in store.

    We have plenty of summer time left to enjoy the two most popular RP maps to date, in celebration of nearly 10 years of HL2:DM.

    The timeline for this map has not been
  • All,

    Here are the choices for our next 3 month map, starting at the end of this month.

    We are running a bit behind schedule as we were set to change map on the 25th, however IRL situations have delayed this.
    We hope to change by the end of the month still.

    I have attached the map files and pics for your viewing pleasure. None of the maps are locked so feel free to test them on your own.

    I am considering

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