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  • TH3_CR4ZY_L3K4 -

    Posted the thread bring back platinum vip.

    I have been thinking about an idea to bring back platinum vip. It shouldn't be a pay to win advantage so something like 150 hp and 50 - 75 suit and you spawn with crowbar, shotgun, revolver but without superdoorhack, and the possibility to choose a…
  • jtb122883 -

    Posted the thread Prop trusted.

    I BoB want to be a trusted proper on the basis that I love the server. I have been around for at bit now and Don't plan on leaving. I can be helpful as a proper. If given the opportunity to learn how it works. And ultimately I can Make my houses bad…
  • IAintNeverMetYeezy -

    Wrote a comment on IAintNeverMetYeezy’s wall.

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    last post over 2 years ago
  • Capt_n3Mo -

    Replied to the thread Banned by Nemo for Switching Jobs.

    After reviewing your demo, you would have no way of knowing I was there after you re connected. I want to apologize for jumping the gun to ban. Please take in consideration after a crash. When you are in battle for quite some time with someone, most…
  • {EE} SheetMusic -

    Posted the thread Banned by Nemo for Switching Jobs.

    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:24755312 Your in-game Name: TurDonken Why you got banned: Was in multiple battles with Nemo. He killed me and on re-spawn from that, I crashed. At that time I was working on a Robbery daily, so when I came back I switched back…
  • ThunderShorts -

    Wrote a comment on syle22’s wall.

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    Thanks for the shout out :)
  • syle22 -

    Posted the thread New map up = rp_abusemecity.

    All, We have decided to change the map to an old favorite from :AP: for our next cycle : rp_abuse_me_city_v3c. Map is live now Big thanks to :AP's: finest @ThunderShorts for providing the map and admins for setup With this update doggy has made…
  • IAintNeverMetYeezy -

    Posted the thread happy new year!!.

    I sadly cant be on hl2dm today but I just wanted to say, happy 2024. :3