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  • China's Admin Application

    CaveJohnson - - Applications


    Seems to make a lot of ban requests on here, but he hasn't been a problem for me. He's just pissed some people off by breaking locks here and there lol, but that's not against the rules nor does it rule him out for admin privileges. +1

  • Littlepizzabutt admin app

    CaveJohnson - - Applications


    Pizzabutt in a good mood: +1 Pizzabutt in a bad mood: Can't trust as admin (-1) We can't magically disable anyone's admin because they are in a bad mood so I can't really +1 it.

  • Game Enhancements

    CaveJohnson - - Suggestions


    Quote from syle22: “New shipment prizes are coming soon, most of these i have planned for and are good suggestions, humam offers an accurate judgement. ” Just as long as you and your gay fury can still reset my crime.

  • Airboat reskin

    CaveJohnson - - Suggestions


    The boats on the map are not airboats. They are physboxes built with mapping primitives with thruster entities attached. They cannot be reskinned without recompiling the map.

  • Since Doom deleted the ban, I cannot see it myself, but if Excess was evading a ban using a VPN (which I cannot confirm since the ban is now gone, but I wouldn't be surprised if Doom figured this one out himself) then why would we give him another chance? Like, if he had asked for another chance on here instead then sure, but instead it sounds like he evaded a ban and then lied about it. We're going to give someone who does that a second chance? Are we that desperate due to the fact that hl2dm i…

  • Quote from Jorune: “The same as i did but i didnt take any printer... Of course he is not gonna be cop stripped ” An admin directly witnessed you abusing cop. Here there is no hard evidence and the only admin witness who came forth admitted that he couldn't tell if anyone had 4k+ crime. There's kind of a difference. So yeah unless someone provides any evidence (demos, screenshots, admin witnesses who can tell for sure what happened) other than text from the accused and the accuser, there's nothi…

  • ok, but this doesn't show enough. Was there at least one person in the house that had over 4k crime when he started kicking doors?

  • New Dailies

    CaveJohnson - - Suggestions


    Still salty about getting cop stripped after abusing?

  • Apply later on. Broke forum rules by double posting, many initially wrong answers on app, etc. You can apply again in a couple months. Denied

  • Demo is sufficient. Ban request accepted. Banned 2 days.

  • You are a very new player. You've been very nice on the server so far, and I know you have been getting a lot of help from Hand of Doom, and I as well as a few others were answering some of your questions the other night. You were a civilized player who took time to learn the game rather than just asking "how to weapon?" and then killing players before leaving. You'd make a great cop, BUT I would like to see you have a month of experience on the server at least. I don't mean a month of actual ho…

  • Offset Ban Appeal

    CaveJohnson - - Denied Ban Appeals


    After consulting with others we have decided the ban is legit and has been made permanent as it is clear that you have been exploiting. Fuck you. Enjoy never seeing us again.

  • I am definitely not the best player in terms of DMing, but I do believe I am an OK shot. The only reason I have not taken action in the past is because I couldn't tell for sure if it was just me, or if others were seeing things like I was, and also I hadn't had time to make further observations and discuss with other players about this. Maybe it would just be a bad internet connection or something. Basically I wasn't going to cry "hacker" just because he was able to kill me easily because of his…

  • I saved your ass. Don't double post. If you need to edit your post then it should let you.

  • yes The message is too short, it must contain at least 7 characters.

  • cop app

    CaveJohnson - - Accepted Applications


    I'm fine with it.

  • I don't remember you too much in the server, but I haven't heard about anything bad from you either lol. Cop's not as serious as admin, so I'd say employ him and as long as there's no cop abuse then you're good.

  • What is a Miracles?

    CaveJohnson - - General Discussion


    When I saw her face, now Quote from HAND OF DOOM: “I'm a believer ”

  • I would maybe consider removing slams from any cop jobs. If cops want to buy a ton of slams like a normal player and place them all over the place then that's one thing. But clearly when someone has an infinite supply of them it becomes a problem.

  • BPN the problem is that you were clearly overdoing it and you were pissing off other cops and other players. I don't think a ban or cop strip or rank reduction can come of this because you kinda were within the motd rules. But due to player complaints we're going to have to do something about this. Maybe a rule change or something.