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  • Freeman City V2

    MiraclesBelieveInMe - - Roleplay HL2DM


    huh, neato

  • Godfather Cop App

    MiraclesBelieveInMe - - Applications


    Application looks good, Maybe in the future, try not to one word answer questions like: Quote from |RoH|Godfather: “What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Don't kill rebels for without valid reason ” that have multiple answers. Other than that, seen you on the server a bunch, you seem to connect with players and they like you back, nothing major to report against you and you seem like a decent player. so I say +1

  • Just by looking at this application I could tell something was off. I havent just read this once before, I've acctually read it for the third time now. This appliaction is a COMPLETE rip off of templars application two months ago. Civil Protection Application Not to mention you haven't even read the rules of cop because the kickdoor limit is 4000+ not 4200+ (which funny enough was why the person who copy/pasted this as his application got caught by me as well) You clearly don't care enough to ma…

  • I guess I'll update mine…1ce1d579c7fcbd85d8d9843c7

  • welcome to the list of faces

  • Lawdog has been nothing but a delight on the server, everytime a new player comes on he's usally the firsts on to help and is very positive on the server. Big +1 from me and I know he can be a great additon to the team of admins

  • You've been apart of the community for awhile, though some of our opinions may differ, I really do appreciate you on the server and sharing with eachother, you have so many ideas in that head of yours that I think could improve the server. Others may disagree but I'm going to +1 this, you have potential, I do however want you to be more serious on the server from now on though.

  • Dede's Introdcution!

    MiraclesBelieveInMe - - Introduction


    Very strong words coming from you Dede, thank you for sharing this personal story, I know it couldn't have been easy writing this post. We appreciate everything you do for this community and we hope that you stay here for a good and long time. You are a great player/admin and I'm thankful to have met you.

  • Please put this in an actual report request format for review thank you. [READ FIRST] - Abuse report format

  • applications

    MiraclesBelieveInMe - - Resolved


    Ah I see where he is coming from, When setting up the map I thought it would be fun to make puns off of door names to buildings ie: Sidezz Side Arms. But yea they're right, you can't just go demanding things and expect to get them handed to you. All the admins put in a lot of work to make this server possible and right now it doesn't look like you understand or even want to do that. We apperciate your enthusiasm towards the server and wanting to become an admin but for right now try not to worry…

  • Very aesthetically pleasing Application, it shows seriousness towards the App, I liked what I saw despite being 14. I played with you awhile back and I liked you as a player then. seen you around the server abunch and you seem to really like helping others. Great App, Great Player. +1

  • Good looking app, Everyone has things going on in life, no reason not to give admin back +1

  • Although I haven't played with her much, I have seen her "reactions" to players Dming her. She is a really nice player up until she gets Dm'ed, all the niceness before leaves and to quote Chinaboy Quote from ChinaBoy: “when she is mad shes a completely different person, and can be hard to deal with. ” However, I believe If she loses the attitude and puts the anger aside, she has the potential to be a great admin. If it doesnt work out then we just remove her admin. Some people just need to prove…

  • I dont mean to be the bearer of bad news emperor, but at this point in time, you seem to be doing a mixture of "fighting an up hill battle" and "poking the bear". I think you should pick your battles more carefully, because as it looks right now, you're acting like a child on forums that didnt get their way. I dont agree with how some are treating you but you are infact provoking them and bringing it upon yourself. In the future i suggest you refrain from this kind of behaviour and maybe you won…

  • Quote from chinasyndrome: “for #4 what if we did something it even out the over powered ness like when someone teleports back, the telestart point they used stays open for 30 seconds and is free for anyone else? or at least much cheaper so cops and others can follow ” yea making it cheaper for everyone else could work, makes the gang members with this more cautious where they use it

  • Quote from chinasyndrome: “1) I think locks should belong to whomever put the locks on the door. Door owner cannot remove others locks and when the door is sold the locks returned to owners or their money be returned. If multiple owners have locks on same door when locks are being broken they loop thru /rotate between all owners ” I like this idea, makes it so you can't get dicked over by the owner of the base/house if they suddenly dont want you anymore. 2) barricade/second lock Idea: If a play…

  • Quote from chinasyndrome: “I had 20 K and I did disconnect ” I think you failed to mention you disconnected after I kicked a door to avoid me. anyway, during the initial tp, you did ask what was going on and since fist was typing he thought that you wanted to see and since most people on the server at the time were there he figured you wanted to see. from what it looked like, it was an honest mistake and he put you back where you said you were and didnt even stop you from taking his printer.

  • Quote from The Doggy: “Quote from CaveJohnson: “When I saw her face, now Quote from HAND OF DOOM: “I'm a believer ” ” And not a trace, of doubt in my mind. ” I'm in love

  • Quote from Volar: “I'm all for Miracles getting Admin once more, just be sure to let us know the next time you're heading out for 6+ Months lol. ” will do

  • Seen Bird around the server a bunch, fun player to be around. +1