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  • My 3 week gag ban appeal

    Fist of Fury - - Denied Ban Appeals


    Quote from MasterWong: “Although I know this is against the rules, it doesn't deserve a 3 week gag. ” ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : suck my dick gay admin ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : lol little shit kys : bitch ass nigga What does it deserves then? 30 minutes gag like i did 4 times in total on you? Quote from MasterWong: “At the time me and fist greatly disliked each other and for me talking shit and arguing to him results in a 3 week gag, this does not seem like a reasonable punishment. Me…

  • It's all good i just could restist. But jesus 4 yhears wow.

  • Quote from syle22: “index.php ” Quote from Fizzle: “index.php ” Quote from VigorousSnow: “I'm sure the winner's already decided. I.E. The Nazi-Ultor alliance. Might become the Triple Alliance if ajax decides to hop in. ” *TRIGGERED*

  • Lawdog's Admin application

    Fist of Fury - - Applications


    Like evrey one else sad, hes very helpfull and is alway active on the sever. He really derseves a shot of trial so im giving him a +1 from me

  • Quote from MasterWong: “Stop lying you know you got salty because I bet you in a argument stop creating false facts. ” Thats basicly what youre doing right now. Enjoy the 1 day ban for ignoring admins, spaming and using admin names.

  • First of all i gaged you becouse you spamed the chat with youre blullshit ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : suck my dick gay admin ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : lol little shit kys ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : kys\ ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : kys ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : kys ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : kysd ���aC���᜜��a���t��aC�� : kys I even gave you 2 more chances but you just fucked it up. At the end it's your own god damn fault. Quote from MasterWong: “Also wants me to leave the server and I found a bug and he igno…

  • Please use the right format: --Basic info-- Age: In-Game name: SteamID: Time played: --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: What is the function the Civil Protection?: If a player were to be rdming you what do you do?: How much time can you dedicate to the server per week(Include time zone):? How will you benefit the server?: Is this your first time as Civil Protection?: A new player has joined the servers and …

  • I would also say that he should get his admin back since he got his admin only taken away due to inactivity. So yhea +1

  • applications

    Fist of Fury - - Resolved


    1) If you want a real chance of getting admin you have to make a complete admin application and post it into pending applications. 2) We don't give admin to random players who ask to be an admin. We want players who are trustful, active and can handle problems professionally and not just some random dude who wants to be admin and do some crazy stuff and then just go forever. 3) If you really want to get accepted as an admin then you have to show us that you are not just some random kid who wants…

  • Lucifer's Admin Application

    Fist of Fury - - Applications


    Quote from The Doggy: “Quote from duer: “id smash +1 ” WTF NIGGA HE'S 14 ”

  • First of all i dint know you were infiltrating josh base. Second you asked us what we are talking about (we were making a bounce coaster) so i tp you to us to show it to you. I can understand that part but as I already said i dint know you were infitrading josh base and i apologise for. And now we come to YOURE rule breaking. Afther you took my printer Mircales tryed to cuff you and kicket down the door. Afther that you disconect. soc Now we come to the second part: Ather you disconect you shang…

  • Quote from PC-Drivers: “Why you scared me all time to block me and kill... ” That scareface is a normal thing admins can do and i dindt use them as we were in combat (and what do you mean with block?). Quote from PC-Drivers: “he starts to spam me ” Spam you with... what?

  • Its the new job called "assasin" where you get a target and his location. For example: [RP] Your assassination target is gringo44. [RP] Last known location is: X: -6240.03, Y: -2453.96, Z: 2569.05. [RP] Use sm_location to get your current location. Then you can use !location to see youre location: !location [RP] Your Coordinates [RP] X: 829.70 [RP] Y: 128.03 [RP] Z: 1204.09 Its a normal job you can try out. Also -1 for the wrong format.

  • I also agree that BPN was intentionally killing KILL with slams. Also i agree that the rule has to be rewriten and im not the only person who is complaining about that.

  • Hes very Mature for his age and he seems to know all the ruels. All in all its a +1 from me.

  • Dede is an active and helpful player. He seems to know all the ruels and i thing dede would be an good person for an admin position. +1 frome me

  • Sounds strange but let´s give Brenden a last chance to show us that he can be a good cop. I never saw him breaking any ruels again afther his cop got striped. There had been some incidents with brenden in the past but hopfully there will be no more in the futer. So from me its a +1

  • Steam Name: {white}Fist {blue}of {red}Fury SteamID: 0:1:112876338 Age: 14 How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: Since summer 2017 What does being a staff member entail?: Being respectfull, being friendly, helping players with issues and enforce the ruels on the sever. Do you have any previous staffing experience(s) (List community and, if possible, rank)?: No Do you understand the basic commands of our server that we use? If so please list how to do the following(Comple…

  • But why you cant write it into the MOTD? Also you could write the date when the update was posted.

  • Quote from Volar: “Quote from Volar: “ ” Every time I have changed a Rules wording I log in and say it in IN-GAME Chat and post it in Players Chat on Discord. I also state it to Admins and tell them to make others aware. ” 1) Not all players of the sever are playing right now when you are online. 2) Not all player have discord. 3) Why Admins can`t just simply post it into the MOTD where ALL players can see it when they log in.