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  • Based on Fists Copy/Paste in Discord of the full conversation this shall be - DENIED. Ignorance is Bliss after all.

  • Wrongfully banned again

    Volar - - Denied Ban Appeals


    Parties were in the wrong, after Admin deliberation I have reduced the Ban length to 2 days.

  • Let Syles RP WW1 Begin.

    Volar - - General Discussion


    Quote from Fist of Fury: “(Hidden Content)Quote from VigorousSnow: “ ” *TRIGGERED* ” Great Necro, last response was like 4 1/2 years ago.

  • Littlepizzabutt admin app

    Volar - - Applications


    Known and been around Pizza for well over a year now. I'm a hard -1 on this due to her Mental State and the fact that when she gets emotional in any sense everything flies out the window.

  • Lawdog's Admin application

    Volar - - Applications


    I like whats written in the Application but I don't like what I've heard of emotions and some of what I've seen when actually online, be it only once it noticeably stands out to me due to what others are writing about emotions. However since I ultimately don't know the player well enough I can't give this a +1 or a -1 reasonably without more Admin Input.

  • China's Admin Application

    Volar - - Applications


    Hard no from me on this one. - Not saying hes a bad player or anything of that nature. We have much better Applicants applying at the moment.

  • Reinstated.

  • Dede's Introdcution!

    Volar - - Introduction


    Good Read, not good in the normal sense of the word but a Story and a lesson was passed on which is what matters. I'm glad things got better for you and I'm glad you joined the Server and gave us a try. Honestly it seems to me like the vast majority of people have a Story to tell, most bad and some good. Some let it warp them and control their path while others overcome the bad and set their life for a better ending. It looks to me like you're the latter and I hope you'll continue down that path…

  • Talked with Dede and got his side + a demo. It shows you SOCing. I took a look at past records for the account, several SOC's including a recent one which was a week long. Due to my Doubling Rule for same Bans I went ahead and edited his Ban to 2 weeks. Also banned you on the Forums for 2 days due to double posting. Next time you want to say something Edit your post, also make sure to follow the proper Formats when posting a Ban Appeal or Ban Request, it's not hard but if it's not done then we s…

  • Watched the Demo from start to finish at 250%. Knew Map. Knew Commands. Knew Players. Looks like an Old Player or possibly Ban Evader attempting to Troll others and abuse the Box Time. Ban Request - Denied.

  • If it's still not set then Doggy needs to return Jorune's bank. Stop messing with people FFS.

  • Money HiScores

    Volar - - Suggestions


    It just means we wipe the player or just wait till the next Reset and it'll be gone anyways. This does not mean a reset is imminent.

  • Seems like an innocent mistake plus nothing harmful came of it. Hes been talked to and warned. Thanks for the report - No further action will be taken against Fist. As for China - Double posted on the Forums, see you in a day or two.

  • got banned, wtf

    Volar - - Hall of Fail


    It's an automated system that stops people from using Multiple accounts or Family Sharing.

  • I'm all for Miracles getting Admin once more, just be sure to let us know the next time you're heading out for 6+ Months lol.

  • Quote from CaveJohnson: “I would maybe consider removing slams from any cop jobs. If cops want to buy a ton of slams like a normal player and place them all over the place then that's one thing. But clearly when someone has an infinite supply of them it becomes a problem. ” No cop jobs have them besides Rank 10 which is my Platinum Cop that I requested be made for my buck. The 1,000,000 EXP Requirement to rank up to it is unrealistic in a year so it's pretty much unattainable.

  • Quote from HAND OF DOOM: “"Slams don't discriminate. - This applies to Cops as well as Rebels. - This excludes throwing SLAMs then detonating them, Placing SLAMs down then pushing other players into them as well as shooting a placed SLAM to kill or damage another player or placing SLAMs on Entrances that only have one way after watching a Player Enter. (Example Shops or Tours of a Players Home) - This also excludes anything an Admin can deem as Intentional. (Being done with Malice)" The last lin…

  • Asassin

    Volar - - Suggestions


    Sounds like Suicide out of Combat to me, especially if poison is noticeable.

  • Admin application Dede

    Volar - - Accepted Applications


    I say give em Trial.

  • Give em Trial.