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  • DOA Ban Appeals

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    Doa is a pillar of honesty and trust in this community, this could not have happen to a nicer player. Most of us who know him all know it in our heart, he is innocent if we search our gut feeling. The guy gets good at the game, fights back and does well, and then gets banned? This should have never have happened. This guy buys Vip for players that cant afford it, I highly disagree with the decision that has lead to DOA being banned based on the little evidence I have been presented. THIS IS ONE …

  • Abgelehnt Welcome to the forum ShadowLandsterrorist, its a great place for players to help improve the game ect., but you can be banned on here just like in the game if you post things that have no real reason for being here especially in more seriose parts of the forum like the "ban requests" section. No joke posts in the future. Someone please help translate. thanks

  • We need more good cops, and this guy has enough experience IMO to try it out. I think he could be a fair and balanced cop. I hope we can fast track this, he has put in lots of time in game as of recent here. ------------->+1

  • Lucifer's Admin Application

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    +1 good guy

  • Sheet I never met you before this server so I think you are mistaken. Funny no one ever reported anything about acting up that I know of, or I would have defiantly corrected and dealt with any issue promptly and swiftly. If you had or have an issue with me I’m 100% open for discussion, problem is that in the past you are unresponsive. So after multiple times of me trying to clear up any misunderstandings we had by messaging you, you are not willing to listen or so it seems. All I can say is I’m …

  • Lawdog's Admin application

    Lawdog - - Accepted Applications


    Steam Name: Lawdog SteamID: STEAM_0:0:5749713 Age: 28 How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: I started sometime in the month of September of 2018, but it feels like a long time as I have over 1000 hours. What does being a staff member entail?: It entails executing your administrative duties to the best of your abilities without any favoritism towards players and with the upmost regard for the rules of the server. Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a trial-…

  • China's Admin Application

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    China is like Sour Patch Kids Candy, sour in the beginning and then not later. plus uno

  • +1 plus uno from me. . Cat Sumi is very intelligent, and well trained in this game.

  • hey, he might help me with the law. I think he is right for the job.

  • When gaming with the player ! Zero-Nitro [OG] ! Dont expect him to be helpfull in your beginning cop phase, or with anything in game. Rather it's highly important to note what stage of the 'Nitro" cycle he is in at the moment to otherwise understand and diagnose the issue. I hope this is informative to all who play with him.…3e3b7338dcf7f0c2e7ba3faae By the way NITRO killed me as cop within the first minute he was in server as a cop himself. HE did this 3 or 4 time…

  • Cop abuse by Lawdog

    Lawdog - - Hall of Fail


    refere to my post please doom. ! Zero-Nitro [OG] !, an important message from Lawdog


  • October 20th 2018 Lawdog --Basic info-- Age:23 In-Game name:Lawdog SteamID: STEAM_0:0:5749713 Time played:118 hours --Questions— Do you have a mic?: yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: To uphold and exercise the law. What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: The law involved with cuffing and uncuffing is to do so when crime is 1,800 and above, refrain from shooting other players unless shot at, a Cop can only kick a door or raid a players home if they have 4k plus crime, all oth…