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  • I will unban you, its rare there are siblings in the same house, usually its 2 of the same person evading bans. let us know if the automated system messes with you as well.

  • Looks good, accepted, supers can employ

  • looks guud, accepted, someone can employ

  • Quote from Shadow39: “Quote from syle22: “Love the enthusiasm shadow Im working on more npcs for you guys to kill and making sure the 1v1 dm system is working fully. Feedback is always apprecaited ” Let me ask since you are the server owner. Are you guys interested in a new map? I am building it from scratch for your team. ” We are interested in new maps always. It might be fun to integrate new npc events onto a new type of map

  • Love the enthusiasm shadow Im working on more npcs for you guys to kill and making sure the 1v1 dm system is working fully. Feedback is always apprecaited

  • Cop Application

    syle22 - - CS:GO Accepted Applications


    I have talked with sidezz and determined the cop requirement should be half of what it is on DM. Accepted and employed, updated application format to reflect this

  • Sidezz is working on this. Also trying to tie it in with crafting

  • Quote from MavFree: “Ive been thinking up a system that would instead of disabling lock picking entirely, adding locks would lower the chance of lock picking working. And instead of perm lock picks, they are one-time use. 100% chance of unlocking with 0 locks, 1 lock = 0.5% chance of failure, 100 locks = 50% chance of lock picking failure. On failure or success the lockpick is removed. ” very interesting, one time use could still be broken up into tiers of higher success and price

  • other thread got deleted so ill say it here. stop making these dumbass threads. there is no reset planned. however we have a plan if we need to reset, which includes giving long term rewards to players.

  • "If you visibly see a fellow Cop get shot by a Rebel, you may aid the Cop in killing the Rebel."

  • Promotion

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    ive seen hundreds of abuse reports but never admin promotion reports lol this is a first. lawdog must be shining

  • Zombies and Headcrabs

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    if you are talking about the bodies, just rejoin and they will dissapear as they are clientside. Quote from MiraclesBelieveInMe: “I think that was intention when first introducing the zombies and it might be just an error that they arent worth anything. But i agree they should be worth 75-100 based on hp and their one hit KO to crowbars and stunsticks ” Yeah i could make them about 100 per kill wouldnt be bad. There is a few more additions i want to do with the npc events like adding an antlion …

  • Bug Bait

    syle22 - - Server Bug Report Forum


    i think if you just tap "1" a couple times it will cycle through bugbait and crowbar slot.

  • Economy reset.

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    I have discussed this at length in the admin channels before so i will say it here now. last reset was 12/07/17 Expectantly, since then people have amassed a fair amount of wealth. Before the next reset season a few things need to happen. 1. All VIP stuff needs to be carried over 2. A prestige title ingame and leader board for the top highest earning players needs to be added 3. Titles should be added ingame for the rest who earned money (think of it like ranked seasons) 4. we need to change the…

  • cop talk

    syle22 - - General Discussion


  • 6 days mute i hope you no longer spam chat. ungaged.

  • DOA Ban Appeals

    syle22 - - Accepted Ban Appeals


    I was sent this demo, Several others reviewed it and some called cheats. However, I have reviewed it several times and found no evidence of cheats. Ban reversed.

  • New Player models

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    i like the mafia one, black mesa fits our game better than FBI model. and god no the dog model will have the worst hitbox

  • New map ??

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    fmc will be on future polls yes

  • Direct Connection Links

    syle22 - - Garry's Mod


    Click the link and steam will launch the game CoLD Community Pirate Ship Wars 2 Revival | !stuck !rtv | DEV steam://connect/