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  • Looks like a solid application to me and doa is a very helpful player to new players. I’d like to see him have a shot at it if/when there is a position open. Good luck!! +1

  • Pretty solid application and very good dude. +1 from me. Good luck my friend :3

  • I’m not sure if you intended on hitting fist when you jumped off the roof shooting at “Karen”, but you were dangerously close if you didn’t hit him, but if you shoot into a cops direction he has the right to shoot back.

  • I also can vouch for hozza. He’s a very generous player,plays daily, and seems to know the rules to a T. I’ll go ahead and say this is ACCEPTED - don’t let me down

  • Seems to know the rules and I haven’t had a problem with him, +1

  • You’ll have to acquire 80 hours before you can get accepted, the point of it is because everyone else did the same. If you have an older accepted application send me a link and I’ll employ you. Other than that you need to wait til you get 80 hours my dude.

  • Ban Appeal

    joshhite11 - - Denied Ban Appeals

    Post This is the 2nd or 3rd time ive had to gag you for saying the word "nig***" every 5 minutes, so now you decide to change one letter and say that over and over, so I told you to stop, you didn't, I gagged you, you then decided to use our admin channel in game to say it again? The rule that's been br…

  • New map ??

    joshhite11 - - Suggestions


    First map is complete garbage and the second one is like what eldrun said, but who knows maybe the 1st version might get put on a poll in the near future

  • PD Application

    joshhite11 - - Accepted Applications


    I’ve seen him around quite a bit and he seems to get the jist of everything, +1

  • His cop app was accepted recently and wasn’t taken away by anyone, plus he obviously knows what he’s doing so I’m accepting this app, welcome back to the cop force!

  • Seen lawdog on the server quite a bit over the past couple months, he knows the rules and follows them very well. He helps out new players when he can and is a friendly outgoing person all together. He's also a good cop so I don't see why we shouldn't give him a chance! +1

  • Quote from MasterWong: “Quote from The Doggy: “No lmao, you should've said something when you saw it happening. Even when you did say something you didn't even bother to mention who was doing it. ” Wow, ok, next time I see a bug I won't mention it at all them champ. ” the thing is you didn’t mention it until you got banned now you want other players banned lol

  • If you’ve seen a player breaking rules you should record it and/or go get an admin. Using unlimited doorhack to gain lots of crime just to get high bounty is considered exploiting. Just because they didn’t get caught doesn’t make it right so don’t try to use that argument. As far as the alt accounts go, your allowed to have alt accounts just not on at the same time. The reason your Alts are getting banned is because your trying to join while having a ban on your main account. At this point your …

  • It has to do with something because you literally said “take in consideration what has been said”. You literally asked us to read what was said

  • That didn’t result in a ban, you said “please take into consideration what has been said” so I did lol. Fist wouldn’t just randomly call you a bitch and tell you to shut up just because you broke a rule. You messaged him several times about shit that is completly irrelevant to why you got banned, which is why he said what he said.

  • Seems like your missing the part of chat where you were talking shit about him not knowing who Bruce lee is, that’s why he said “bitch shut up” because you were messaging him irrelevant stuff.

  • Koolaid soc

    joshhite11 - - Accepted Ban Request


    Demo proves koolaid SOC's because he see's someone else do it. That doesn't make it right and his last SOC ban got cut really short so I guess he needs a reminder. Accepted and will be banned for 1week and 3 days EDIT: Ban has been upped to one month by higher admins

  • Freeman City V2

    joshhite11 - - Roleplay HL2DM


    Quote from Glenn Norway: “Quote from MavFree: “FMC V2 Clutter-Free Update. Coming upon one year since FMC v2's release. The clutter-free update aims to open up play areas and reduce.. clutter throughout the map. -Removed Mini's. -Removed Controversial posters. -Removed many minor details. -Removed VIP from main play area. (Teleport based now in a similar manner to Venice. May do this to the rest of the apartments.) -Changed tunnel passage-way to be open. (May impact framerate on lower-end cpus.)…

  • Freeman City V2

    joshhite11 - - Roleplay HL2DM


    Its trash syle I’m sorry you won’t be able to change my mind lol. I’ve played many maps in my rp years and this is by far the worst with no competition. I like the effort and idea though no doubt and sure it looks like cs go designs but if the map itself isn’t functionally right it doesn’t matter how pretty it looks. You can polish a turd but it’s still a turd my dude (but hey I see he added sliding doors and made some changes so maybe he can prove me wrong)

  • Freeman City V2

    joshhite11 - - Roleplay HL2DM


    This map is trash, I don’t think itll ever get voted to play here again, no one liked it and everyone complained the whole time we were on it. lol