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  • How about rendering vmenuselect inoperative, and replace it with something that cannot be predicted or executed client-side by players. I think it was Mav or TF outlined that there was a way the other night when this came up as a topic of discussion in the server. Have to ask them about the specifics...

  • True, but can they make you drop money while you're incarcerated? If so, that'd suck

  • Sort of torn on this one... lots of past issues and sneaky shit pops into mind. Though not a perfect predictor of future actions, and acknowledging that people do change over time, I have to look at it like a PID algorithm. The output is dependent on a computation which accounts for long-range historical data, recent historical (near-term) data, and instantaneous deviation (what is happening at this instant vs. expected). Long-term history usually plays a significant role in the decision. So wha…

  • Wait and see for a bit. Can be helpful and cool at times, and an annoying ass 90% of the rest of the time. That mouth... I thought I swore a lot, lol. After hearing "cunt" repeated for the 45th time in as many seconds, it just grates on my nerves. It's like ghost peppers, a little dab will do ya. A bunch makes for "a spicy meatball..." but a meal consisting of just that is generally unpalatable, and just burns everyone's ass

  • Names

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    Well, I admit that I'm not perfect either, but the names seem to fit at the time. I will refrain from injecting my opinion into any renaming in the future, however fitting it may seem to me... my bad. Try to understand that you are walking a tightrope though. At some point, if you want to go hyper-technical on an admin, understand it is just as likely that an admin will make the determination that you are not worth the time, and just ban you at the next opportunity where it is "technically" allo…

  • Names

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    Just want to point out that if there was a rule for everything possible, then the rules list would be infinitely long, and unmanageable. The rules cover the basic stuff, so that we all have general guidelines for playing (players), as well as enforcement and server management (admins). That said... in my experience "admin" is not just supposed to be given to anyone, but rather to those who can be trusted to make both the right decision on straight-forward things, as well as the judgement calls f…

  • May you step on a spring-loaded bear trap that clamps onto your nuts. ... I mean, uh... thank you.

  • Quote from syle22: “@ eas and eld why dont you stop sucking cocks and make a new map? Its got plenty of housing, areas for dm, gang housing. decent layout. with thurster packs and taxis it would be even eaiser to get around. If you could actually code eas maybe you could have made cars by now. jk we know how unstable cars are but the maps fine. Dont tell me kirbyplaza is better because your nostalgia is blinding you ” Lol... Aaaanyway... yeah, good with the map change. Will bring back memories f…

  • Not a fan of turning it into a flying game. Sounds impressive, but if I remember from the AP days where we allowed JP's, it quickly degraded to OP VIP's dealing death from above with noob tubes.... got old really quick.

  • Ok, grammar and spelling still not aces here... but we get the point, he really wants to try cop. He has put up with a fair amount to abuse since first application, and has not lost his spirit From what I can tell he seems to be good guy, and nothing negative from my interactions with Corn to date... I'm ok with giving him a try if other admins weigh in with positive responses as well. +1 from me

  • Maybe this is not news... but it was to me: I was able to confirm tonight that the GPS bug is persistent, even after DC. Ran a test myself where I placed one on Vulcan, and asked him to DC, then come back. The bug came back. Now, before someone says "so?"... consider that the gps scanner item is still not functional, which means that one you have been "bugged", there is no way to shake it as it was originally designed. Thanks, --ThunderShorts

  • Same here... not enough to form an opinion yet.

  • First: Two words (or one, your choice)... spell check. Second, kickdoor is 4k... not 5k (according to both memory as well as the WIKI) Third, the last paragraph is interesting if we were looking for a semi-flexible cat, so thanks for that. Might need to ripen a bit more --ThunderShorts

  • Agree with Pool, seems like a pretty good (and regular) player here. Nothing abusive or exploit related that I am aware of. Good candidate. +1

  • Some features proposals

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    Will that work for ALL objects thrown by grav gun? I ask because on last map if you killed using the soccer ball, it would register as a suicide for that person, and no physics damage was reported (or crime given). Could some props, or possibly certain spawned items make this possible for "unregistered kills"?

  • That's simple... I like it

  • I like the noob protection ideas, but see some potential abuse scenarios. If a new (skilled) <5 player was aware of the mechanics, they could easily abuse by shooting a different player each time (in a rotation), and >5hr players would have to endure the rampage (after the first revenge) until their turn came around. Generally when a skilled <5 hr player comes on and starts RDM'ing all... he's fucked, rules or not. Players are not going to repeatedly wait their turn to get a second shot if they …

  • PC troubleshooting

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    Run Fdisk on it first, then create fat32 partition using: sudo mkfs -t fat32 /dev/sdb1 (substitute "/dev/sdb1" with your own partition's path) More in depth description here:

  • Teleporters periodically becoming non-functional. Nearly always this is the mechanical teleporter I'm talking about. I found 4 nonfunctional this morning. A quick noclip inot them resets them fine... but this has been a nuisance since the new mod. Don't recall seeing of hearing about it before. I mention this again because it seems to affect all on this map... and do not remember it before. If it is engine related, is there some other workaround that can be used to force a periodic recycle of th…