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  • A Month Without Bird

    Birddieboo - - General Discussion


    Hello fellow CoLDCommunity RP Players, I regret to inform you all that I will be away for an entire month starting today and I will not be returning until the 29th of July. My absence will hopefully not affect the decision that will be made for the new admin position and the players that I have played with for the past year. I love you all! Sincerely, Birddieboo

  • It would be a shame to see a beloved admin leave us, you as a person and as a friend will always be in our hearts and our minds, we would't forget about you! Come back as soon as you can. +1

  • I don't think we should employ someone who's in time out. Nonetheless, groubsi is a good player and could be an admin one day. +1

  • Good player, wouldn't be bad if we had some cops on the server . Once he hits 80h we should give him a try. +1

  • He looks like he knows what he's doing. Would be a great fit for the civil protection team. +1

  • DOA is one of the best players I have seen in the server, helping out when help is needed or even because he wants to, DOA is ready to throw himself in the direction that is most suitable for the experience of the players around him. +1 Good luck out there.

  • Awesome Application, Amazing Person. Definite +1

  • Quote from CLITCOMMANDER: “Could be fabricated, again hearsay. ” I was afk the whole night so i have the entire chat from that day. You also have the chat as you were afk as well, you can go and check if you'd like.

  • Quote from CLITCOMMANDER: “There is no clear and visible intent to collude with rebels. ” I actually have some of the chat from when it happened. ahmed : shadow Mersparbo : he left ahmed : are you coming Mersparbo : oh nvm ahmed : he is back [ҳ̸Ҳ] ҳ̸Ҳ̸ҳShadowlandTERRORISTҳ : come fast As you can see he was waiting for shadow so that they could enter the base which means they were teaming with the rebels.

  • I'd support you as admin

  • The first part about the cops teaming up with Shadow I agree they should be punished for that, but the second part about Mersparbo killing you I don't agree with, as in the MOTD it states, "During a Kickdoor raid of 4k+ crime, All citizens inside the property protecting the criminal, are able to be shot on sight." As you said you were in the base when you got killed, "Cops came back and kicked the door." which means they had the right to kill you.

  • Steam Name: Birddieboo SteamID: STEAM_0:1:22104289 Age: 14 How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: I started playing the game somewhere around 2017 but I wasn't invested in the server, I began to really play when I joined back near the end of October 2018, now i have almost 800 hours on the server. What does being a staff member entail?: Being a staff member entails that I would need too engage/interact with the community more, enforce rules, and help players who are enti…

  • hustler cop application

    Birddieboo - - Hall of Fail


    This is a direct copy of strikers cop app. Just so everyone is aware. Striker Cop App

  • Zombies and Headcrabs

    Birddieboo - - Suggestions


    Syle, that would be a fun and interesting addition to the game, I feel that players would very much enjoy slaying different types of enemies instead of only zombies and antlions, it gives a more authentic feel as it would not just be players killing the two enemies that are already in the game but to have 3, 4 or even 5 enemy cycles to keep the game fresh and lively in the community. Thanks for your support.

  • Zombies and Headcrabs

    Birddieboo - - Suggestions


    We all know the Zombies and Headcrabs that have a chance to spawn when a crate is opened, we all love it when we use what props and guns we have to earn money for simply killing a few Zombies, it`s a lot of fun. Headcrabs, on the other hand, are one of the most annoying creatures to kill, they're small hard to shoot/hit with props, can take you down to 1 HP in one hit, and even after all the zombies are gone some Headcrabs are still left because there`s no reason to kill them. I`m proposing that…

  • Quote from Hozza: “Anything else you would like to add?: Templar knight and Birddieboo vouch for me, just ask them... ” Yes I do.

  • Age: 13 In-Game name: Birddieboo SteamID: 0:1:221042893 Time played: 80h --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: To expand my gameplay and to try new things What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: No rdming, arrest at 1800, dont shoot unless provoked, kickdoor at 4000, do not have any bias on players e.g giving a player access to the gun vault, etc. , What is the function the Civil Protection?: To keep the streets clean from criminals If a player …