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  • DOA is a great player, very kind, always helping others and knows all the rules, after playing with him for so long I think he would be great addition to the team. +1

  • I guess im a bit bias towards Birddie but application looks really good! understands the rules and is very active in the community. I'll teach him all I know if he gets it hahah. +1

  • Thank you for making an original application this time. After talking with you in game and how you took the time to really put effort into this application I will ACCEPT. Welcome to cop!

  • Application is original (this time xD) and looks good from the last one. Accepted.

  • Thank you for your application to cop. Unfortunately this isnt an original application this is DOA's old cop app. DOA Cop App If you would like to be cop you need to apply and make your own original application. However, I'm extending it that you need 100hrs instead for this stunt. Denied. thank you.

  • Thank you for sharing your opinion. The reason we have locks slightly more expensive is to give an incentive for players to make it more worthwhile to break another players locks. If locks were equal or locks were slightly less expensive then we'd have an even greater situation of players hiding in the house being untouchable, as a result players would become even more discouraged to break locks because its a lose-lose senario for them. Not only do they have to spend more money to hurt the perso…

  • Zombies and Headcrabs

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    Theyll keep spawning for a limited time (30 min) and if all of them arn t cleared out they will remain on the map until they are killed.

  • Zombies and Headcrabs

    MiraclesBelieveInMe - - Suggestions


    I think that was intention when first introducing the zombies and it might be just an error that they arent worth anything. But i agree they should be worth 75-100 based on hp and their one hit KO to crowbars and stunsticks

  • Application looks good, Remember all the cop rules and enforce the law! Accepted.

  • This thread looks to be handled between the two of you. Since there was no ill nature from Lawdog as he was just doing his job and the other admins agree, this report will be locked. Thank you for your Abuse report and taking the time to fill it out.

  • Thank you for slowing it down and showing the original video. First things first. It does clearly look like it was accidental and I on behalf of the staff along with Fist, do apologize for the ban. However, due to the past of your previous ban of SOC (Suicide out of Combat/Cuff). Fist making the action to double the ban length was not wrong, just Gun-ho. He has been warned about this. This ban will be a formal warning for both parties for respective issues I previously stated. Thank you for subm…

  • While watching the video multiple time with some other admins, we would like to see the original un-sped up version so we could take a closer look. Thank you

  • cop talk

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    Quote from HammerJack1 I Trader: “So the new map has an alarm system for lock down but no one uses it right. if only some one was a low level cop and had the time to just sit in the one spot where the alarm button is and wait for a lock down to start. if only that person was typing a request about that on the forum. if only that guy got a separate role in the pd as alarm button man so the rest of the officers can stop fighting over the elevator and turning on each other. if only someone with a h…

  • Application looks good. ACCEPTED.

  • Do you promise to not abuse doggy with cop, even if he is kicking your ass? you will not push him into PD to kill him? if you can say you won't abuse cop you can have it back ;P

  • DOA Cop App

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    Very great player, hate to see ya leave the gang but looks like you'll do good for the server. ACCEPTED!

  • Quote from dede: “Please fill in this field. ” looking good dede

  • Freeman City V2

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    huh, neato

  • Application looks good, Maybe in the future, try not to one word answer questions like: Quote from |RoH|Godfather: “What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Don't kill rebels for without valid reason ” that have multiple answers. Other than that, seen you on the server a bunch, you seem to connect with players and they like you back, nothing major to report against you and you seem like a decent player. so I say +1

  • Just by looking at this application I could tell something was off. I havent just read this once before, I've acctually read it for the third time now. This appliaction is a COMPLETE rip off of templars application two months ago. Civil Protection Application Not to mention you haven't even read the rules of cop because the kickdoor limit is 4000+ not 4200+ (which funny enough was why the person who copy/pasted this as his application got caught by me as well) You clearly don't care enough to ma…