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  • I already once talked with him about it. He seems not to learn... Accepted!

  • Hozza's Admin Application

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    Played with Hozza for several weeks now. He's quiet active and always sticks to the rules (we will forget about that door block story today ). Otherwise the app locks kinda short to me but I think its ok. +1

  • unmute me

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    Quote from hustler: “and joke was in words ” Why should I mute you if you copy paste a joke into the chat? Talked to you one week ago and said that I will mute you for one week if you keep mic spamming (screaming into the mic, playing music ect). One week later you mic spammed. Well done!

  • kelpy cop app

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    * Block length * 12 mo * Blocked by Admin * syle22 Mööööp whatever. He had several chances of being a good cop but he fucked it up and keeps talking trash to our admins. -1

  • Ewwww changes

  • Beach

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    So wise

  • Ok... where should I start... At this moment I have a huge family problem, Wich I can't tell what it is at the moment. Due to this I am not able to eather be on discord or in-game but I will be or at least try to be here on the forum but not as that active like I used to be. When it goes to discord I try to be back as soon as possible maybe in a few days or weeks. But when it goes to In-gameI can't tell for how long this will be. It can be over in a few days or just a few weeks but in worst case…

  • Quote from The Doggy: “Quote from Oidoxie: “Doom already convinced me so nty ” yea same ” Convinced

  • You have to admit he's acting more mature then some other older players are doing right now... *cough* Quote from hustler: “14 ...... ” *cough* Quote from hustler: “14 YEARS OLD ADMIN????????? -1 ”

  • Quote from CLITCOMMANDER: “I dont see any grounds for abuse on anyone but mesparbo for shooting first based on one issue... Having striker muted. Why? There is no clear and visible intent to collude with rebels. He is not allowed to kill players that aren't protecting a player all that can be seen here is shadow following the cops in to murder KILL and then him yelling cop abuse, whether he verbally produced intent is only hearsay based on the evidence provided prior to an uneducated response fr…

  • So in my point of view that part with shadow is not a cop abuse. He just walked in with the cops and the cops could do that much at this point. The part on the other hand with the cop killing kill is in my point of view an abuse. KIll was fighting with the cops and as Merspabo kicked the door in front of kill he saw how kill was looking at the cop with the RPG. This can be an accuse for me because the cop could think now at this point that he was killing him. But as the cop started to shot kill …

  • So, I didn't play with him that much, but I never heard anything bad from him and the application also looks good for me. Why shouldn't we give him a try? +1

  • Economy Reset

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    Eco resets had been done several times before and are more common as you might think. So I don't see any problem why we should not do it this time. For example: MAP CHANGE AND ECONOMY RESET 12/07/17 Eco resets are not bad at all. As cat said earlier everyone gets equal chances to restart again. And tbh its getting boring to time to time if everyone has over 1 mil and can afford whatever he wants. And as you said its quiet easy to get money really fast If you know how to.

  • Dear Epix, Quote from epiX: “Kizaru and me were fighting cops and shit like this hustler russki who cry's all the time. Than he said "KURWAAAAA BLYATTTTT U CANT FIND ME PIDOOROAASSSSSWSSSSS *CRACK*****" *insert his crap micro sounds here* so we stopped copkilling. Since all Cops camped in PD it wasnt that hard either. So we went to different Locations and searched him like the shit. After 5min he got a bounty and so we followed the Bounty line, we wasnt that sure where he is since the line went …

  • So first things first... "...i was talking to at all the entire time i was on over mic was to striker and it was in Russian" Im a russian and I can also speak russian as well and what I can say about this is that what you have been yelling here is definitely NOT russian. "...i see fist in chat tell striker to stop shit tallking which as you can see in the video never came from either of us at any point in time" Yes it was funny at first but afther 10 minutes its not funny any more and its really…

  • Quote from Kizaru: “Because i made one mistake and killed 2 boxed players for 1 time? I am making fun with Striker (boxed player that i killed) the whole time, takling shit with him and giving him money with his stripper job. I dont think his mind about the server changed in anyform because i killed him there. Saying that i dont care about the rules as rebel is rude just because i made one mistake that noone out of you event cared about. (meant are the players i killed) I am sorry for that and i…

  • Your app looks fine to me but what I have seeing ingame made me change my mind. He does not care about rules as a rebel and I do not think so he will do it as a cop. -1

  • Furry Skin

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    Quote from CaveJohnson: “ ” Ok I'm mentally disturbed now O_O

  • Quote from MiraclesBelieveInMe: “Do you promise to not abuse doggy with cop, even if he is kicking your ass? you will not push him into PD to kill him? if you can say you won't abuse cop you can have it back ;P ” I promise, that I will never abuse my cop ever again. Even when doggy is kicking my ass!

  • DOA Cop App

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    Same from my side. +1