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  • Your in-game name: Kyûto The Staffs In-game name: The Doggy Staffs Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:45064968 Discription of the Event: I joined the Server and put The Doggy into the jail by killing him. After that, I did my thing as usual in the morning and went to AFK and prepare to go to work. Couple minutes later some suspicious things happened. I got pushed away and my printer got stolen from an invisible Person. I realized everything by joining the Server again after my disconnect due to internet issue…

  • Your in-game name: Kyûto Rulebreaker In-game name: Slaughter Rulebreaker's Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:6133799 Discription of the Event: Colluding with Rebels Slaughter(Cop) randomly helped a Rebel to get inside a house with locks by kicking it down via !kickdoor command. In addition, he kicked the door down once more, to let the Rebel out. Proof of Event: (Hidden Content) Download: Slaughter Abuse The only people who should post in the Abuse Report are; The Player, Witnesses, and Staff.

  • Quote from Volar: “I mean we have a text log. Just need a rough time and what the date was to peruse it. ” No more action has been taken and no more proofs or informations has been sent. Closed.

  • Since Hustler got unmuted, this case should be solved. Closed.

  • Hustler has been successfully unmuted already.

  • I removed your last post. Remember not to double post. Edit your last post if you want to add something. Quote from Volar: “Double Posting on the Forums will result in a Forum Ban. ”

  • Cop app

    Kyuto - - Denied Applications


    Hello Phoenix! All i see in this application is about players who are RDMing others (including you). Being Cop is not only about getting rid of all these DMers and basically be like LittlePizzaButt who is only switching to Cop just to try to arrest the Player who is constantly killing you. So far I know how you act on the Server and always burst out in rage and rage quit, I believe, that you would 85% abuse this position just for your favour. I never really witness a calm moment of you, so it's …

  • Quote from DOA: “!uncuff clit ….Would not work on Billy Joe Armstrong !uncuff dog ….Would not work on The Doggy ” "!uncuff dog" actually works, if The Doggy was the only person online with the name '' in it. Proof isn't really enough in my opinion. You could've change quotes in it. Screenshots or even a .dem of the Event would be really helpful.


    Kyuto - - Applications


    Is this application a joke or are you really applying for Cop again? I remember you got strip'd, because you kickdoor my doors and left the Server to let the doors stay unlocked and made people come inside. I do not know how second applys are handled but this Re-Application looks offensively crazy ass bad. Your Cop ban until 1st June has expired so you had enough time to think about that strip. Since I am victim of Vulcan, I stay -Neutral-

  • You should've read and understand the Cop Rules, when you were applying for this role as Cop. And I highly suggest you to re-apply or edit your Civil Protection Application and add all important Informations about the Cop Rules If you can answer all the following questions and add them to your (New) Application , it can be a good set up for the following votes and judges from other Players and Admins: 1. How much Crime is needed, to be able to cuff Rebels? 2. When are you allowed to use the !kic…

  • Josh cop abuse

    Kyuto - - Hall of Fail


    I don't think, this falls under favouritism. Since Hozza was AFK in that moment, it was more like being a bad or good Cop Your way of thinking is wrong. It's not about jail/unjailing or cuff/uncuff, It's about releasing everyone and that's what Joshh actually did. Motd: Do not favor as a Cop, play fair. - To avoid favoritism. If you are going to release one of your jails, release them all. It has nothing to do if a Cop unjail or uncuff a person.

  • Being a Cop is a high responsibility. This position can cause a lot of drama and problems if it's not executed right. Like Hand of Doom already mentioned about your playtime. I also rather have you play more on the Server to let you get to know more about the rules and how everything works. You didn't really point out all important informations and rules about the Cops either, which let me think, that you're not really aware of everything yet. I don't have anything against this application. It's…

  • kelpy cop app

    Kyuto - - Accepted Applications


    Hello KelpyG! On the one hand, you can be helpful to some Players and you are kinda funny. But on the other hand, you're a perfect example of toxicity and disrespect, but that is what it makes you kinda special for me. I am not sure, if you're just playing or joking around like that, but since you are like this since I met you, I can't take your insults or provocations serious, which leads me to stay still neutral torwards you. You probably should start respecting the Admin Staff to avoid gettin…

  • Jore is a very nice Player and he became very active on the Server. It would be a nice addition for him to let him be part of the Cop Team also let him be able to play a new role. - Current vote will be +1 Good luck and see you on the field of Justice!

  • COP Aplication

    Kyuto - - Accepted Applications


    Pending Applications is only for Final Decisions and other Users can't view your thread. I moved your thread in the correct place. But I think, Doggy already accepted your first post which you already posted in the '"Accepted Applications'.

  • Quote from Fist of Fury: “Considering this I want to take a moment and say thank you guys for being here and making me to a better person (physically and grammatically) ” You're welcome See you soon, Maxi You are a good person and a good friend Don't leave us forever! And best of luck with your family issue!

  • Big_Daddy's Cop application

    Kyuto - - Denied Applications


    Since he already played on the Server before, I don't have anything against this Cop apply. He is currently very active and cares about his rights and rules of the Server. - Current vote will be +1 Good luck and see you on the field of Justice!

  • Ban Appeal Format

    Kyuto - - Denied Ban Appeals


    Motd Rule: "Do not intentionally suicide or disconnect to avoid combat, being or to prevent the loss of drugs or cash" Make sure to read the Rebel Rules to avoid breaking one of them by mistake.

  • Doa is someone you can trust and has been helpful to new players and players who are playing on the Server the most times. He never did something against the Server rules and is active in game/chat and voice. Since he already has experience in the game and commands, this position as Admin on this Server shouldn't be a big deal for him. In my opinion, he would be a great addition to this Staff Team. +1

  • goodbye to you all

    Kyuto - - General Discussion


    Take care! You are always welcome to join again. Cya!