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  • I think we could use another cop

  • Forum admin app

    syle22 - - Accepted Applications


    Okay Dede you can help cat and eld with forum stuff. I have added you the role.


    syle22 - - Accepted Ban Appeals


    While Ddos is not a joke, here is the full chat log. I am unconvinced this was serious. Someone enlighten me

  • ban

    syle22 - - Ban Appeals


    Will be looking into this, Merging other thread

  • Npc Weapon Buyer

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    wep buyer not going to happen, but this does raise the question of dumping scrap weapons into some type of system

  • Quote from 1993 chevrolet caprice: “well, i have hit the 80hr mark today and i know alot about being a cop and what not and im pretty sure ive been a cop in the past without any problems and i dont do favoritism and what not, im pretty sure i can handle it well ” did you ever get employed lol

  • Birdi has been accepted for trial 10.10.19 He will stay on trial for a month minimum to determine basic status. Josh has volunteered to take the lead on training but any admins/trusted can show him propping.

  • riot shield

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    Quote from sol: “green cabinet prop if you make it weigh less , didn't literally mean a riot shield looking model, lol ” pic?

  • yeah lets do it

  • Littlepizzabutt ban appeal

    syle22 - - Hall of Fail


    Upon reviewing the demo a second time, Pizza was not really in combat but did indeed suicide. Dog had killed her 4 times and on the 5th she hit suicide but was standing still not fighting back. Pizza has acknowledged her wrong doing. Doggy did not uncuff himself, Koolaid broke him out. Pizza has served 2 days ban time already while reviewing all of this. I feel that is enough.

  • All, Uptown v5 is now live here is the changelog. -------- -Elo Season 2 started, The final standings for season 1 can be found and here is a snapshot - !dm Command linked to Uptown Dueling arena - Bug Fixes related to dm - New Item: Dog's Cuffsaw: costs $12m and has 0 cool-down. Available in secret vendor on the map -------- index.php More to come in the following month including combine npc event and ant lion event. Enjoy -syle

  • All, The time has come to visit a newly revamped uptown by Mico aka Mav. Admins have been hard at work setting up the npcs, doors and props to personalize the map for our server. I plan to double check everything tomorrow night and then if its good we can switch. We will be on uptown by no later than this Saturday morning. Remember you do not have to sell your house before the deadline but I recommend doing so regardless. You can always refund your house AFTER we switch, with "sm_refunddoor rp_f…

  • Preparing for Uptown_v5

    syle22 - - News/Announcements


    All, As summer nears its end, our next map begins. Introducing Rp_Uptown_v5. By Mico. Thats right, the fifth edition of uptown surprise release by Mav is ready to be played. Featuring a new layout, new soccer arena, new dueling arena, new PD, New housing, and New Casino! We will begin setup this weekend and plan to have the map ready by early September, As well as the start of ELO season 2. Here are some screens PD index.php Courtyard index.php Dueling Arena index.php Soccer index.php

  • Map Change.

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    Yes new map soon comrades

  • stuff

    syle22 - - Help & Support


    (Hidden Content) ready??

  • i have a problem its long story

    syle22 - - Ban Requests


    it took a minute to figure out but this is actually an Appeal request. Hustler prove that you have a brother. tell him register on the forum to make a unban appeal using the correct format. If hes real then he can play Source Code (7 lines)

  • hello world

    syle22 - - General Discussion


    Quote from The Doggy: “oh god yes ” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Grenades upgrade

    syle22 - - Suggestions


    the different grenade types are all possible, i think some plugin is breaking the grenade amounts. its supposed to be 3. It may be ion cannon, not sure. Will look into it

  • lets employ at the standard 80hr

  • 1993 Chevrolet Caprice Classic LS Sedan 5.0L V-8 (aut. 4) specs [*]Chevrolet Caprice Classic LS Sedan 5.0L V-8 (aut. 4) , model year 1993, version for North America U.S. [*]manufactured by Chevrolet (USA) in USA [*]4-door sedan body type [*]RWD (rear-wheel drive), automatic 4-speed gearbox [*]gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 5001 cm3 / 305.2 cui, advertised power: 126.5 kW / 170 hp / 172 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 346 Nm / 255 [*]characteristic dimensions: outside length: 5438 mm / 214.1…