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  • Two suggestions about the casino.

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    There are'nt that many people that has lost much money in the casino but there is always a few ones who loses and they could possibly end up rage quitting. So my goal is to make the casino secure witch is hard to do with some douches in the server. So i just found out 2 diffrent suggestions that could fix this problem. Suggestion number 1 We could make a new rule called "No killing in casinos". So they'll understand that it is'nt allowed. And if they do, we could record it with the record/playde…

  • Re: Paladins Casino

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    Quote from Soviet Premier Kevinyock: “ th4t aw3som paint job.... NOT ;:lool:; anyway good job. ” Nice, can't wait untill i can check it out. Thanks Quote from Soviet Premier Kevinyock: “ th4t aw3som paint job.... NOT ;:lool:; anyway good job. ” I didn't want to waste so much time. I could've used adobe. It would've been better. Thanks Quote from Alex Yusimov(LSD): “ Dude Good Job For The Screen Shooting And The Editing [size=36pt]GOOD JOB![/size] ” Nice one Thanks.

  • Paladins Casino

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    How to bet money. 1. Get in the betting/casino zone. 2. Type /bet (Lucky number) (Amount of cash, MAX 9000) 3. Have fun and earn big money! Rules: - NO killing in CASINO. - If someone dies, do not steal the money. How to come to the casino. Get to this hotel. [img width=500 height=281][/img] [img width=500 height=281][/img] Then go to the second floor at this door. [img width=500 height=281]http://img822.i…

  • This is a known rule that is in almost every community. There are'nt that many people who breaks this rule but there are a few people who still does. This rule should be here for both forum and for the server because there are people that spams in the microphone in the server and just copy and pastes their text in forums. I'm not going to say any names of these spammers but one of the spammers name rimes with Todfather. I'm currently attempting to put up this rule because it's annoying to hear s…

  • Quote from Hales: “ I agree, how could you enforce this well? Sure it's annoying when it happens, but you don't lose anything when you're spawn killed, you also respawn right away. On the offchance that you spawn right in front of the person who's trying to kill you, the most you're out is 6 seconds of your life. I don't think this problem is big enough to justify the headache it would cause to enforce it. //////////////////// I agree, how could you enforce this well? Sure it's annoying when it …

  • Quote from Proctor: “ What's the major difference between getting spawnkilled and killed? ” What's the diffrense between getting annoyed a bullied? It's that the person who killed the guy before just comes and kills him again before you even know it. But if this rule is on they actually let the player be free for a while and have some fun then he might get some guns to so the killer gets killed instead. This is what i call a bit more kind of a fair game

  • Quote from Proctor: “ It doesn't matter what their "skill" level is, (275 hp is actually not indicative of skill at all) spawn killing is still impossible to enforce. These players aren't at every spawn point at every second. It's not difficult to spawn. ” If they're a outspreaded group you'll get killed on almost every spawn point and if that does'nt happend you'll get spawn killed later anyways.

  • Quote from Proctor: “ I don't see the point. If you're going to be killed, you're going to be killed. That rule is impossible to enforce. A VIP could just spawn, switch to shotgun, and blow your brains out. ” You didn't understand me, didn't you? When i ment pro people. I ment flying rebels with 275 hp with suits that always shots 2 bullet kills with revolver.

  • I'm pretty sure that everyone has been in this situation where you keep getting spawnkilled witch is hell of annoying. This is the reason why some of us quit. For an exmaple. If i accsidently kill a douchebag that's a pretty good member, he'll probably say something like "IT'S ON BITCH". Then the douchebag takes his clan and just keeps spawnkilling the guy that just spawns again and again and again. So i thought, why not ask the staff to put up a new rule? A rule that makes roleplaying REAL role…