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  • Re: rp_Liness_v4

    C.G.B Spender - - News/Announcements


    Filled out hope it helps on a other side note when map will be changed admin team pls alarm us in time maybe even in ingame chat. You guys don't want to spend hours with reinbursment

  • Nice one good idea to roflstomp those tracers!

  • If all this is true he deserve his ass between banned. On another note this whole bank shit get abused way too Often and many players do this. Something should be done with this. I personally would be fine with removed or somewhere else moved no kill zone. Is afk room not enough? You go on the street you may get wrecked. shit happens

  • After he got banned I have to admit I explained the reasons quite simple. And it looks like he is maybe not the brightest I am not sure. But this time I took the time and explained it correctly have mercy on his ass.

  • Pls have in mind currian do not speaks English. I have told him today to not camp bank like that or in any other form. However he also sayd me that when this happened a cop keeper killing him to reset his jail timer. I guess you don't have nice footage from that one aye

  • Age: 28 In-Game name: C.G.B Spender SteamID: STEAM_0:1:20713715 Time played: 16 days +2 reset Skype(Optional): --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: yes (but since i just understand the language i rarely use it) Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: To bring law and order to Linesse city also it is nice to punch the suspect with stunsticks as long he doesn't admit his guilty What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: For me the most important would be no rdm but also not be a dushbag in ge…