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  • Give this man admin. I've seen a lot of hl2dm players, this guy is one of the best.

  • kittys cop app

    Wiseguy - - Accepted Applications


    Should give the girl a shot. Updated app looks good.

  • Ban Appeal

    Wiseguy - - Denied Ban Appeals


    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:39835951 Your in-game Name: Wiseguy Why you got banned: Called Josh a Nagger Other Information you think we should know: Josh has been nagging me, so I called him a nagger. He took this to great offense. Not sure if nagger is a banned word.

  • DOA Ban Appeals

    Wiseguy - - Accepted Ban Appeals


    Seems incredibly wrong for a player of your reputation/donator of your magnitude to be banned without even being spoken to beforehand. Hope not all the admins are like that!