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  • Ban Appeal "Master"

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    idk if im allowed to post in here or not, Sorry if this is breaking a rule. Master, what you are writing is simply not true. I did not raid your house nor did i even have a lockpick when this happened. I killed one person who had a bounty and they dropped a sizeable amount of cash. You were no one near this when this happened, now the rules say you cannot kill under 10s unless YOU were provoked not that your friend who had a bounty got killed . But even after that I was not upset, but you then p…

  • master ban request

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    --Your information-- IGN: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:18997398 Steam --Accused member information-- IGN:master SteamID: STEAM_0:0:37547476 Steam Profile: --Format-- What rules did said player break?: repeated killing of under 10hours Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: him repeatedly killing me and i currently only have 4 and a half hours into the server. He did it a lot more then this but i only started to captu…