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  • Vip Apartments

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    Quote from Birddieboo: “Yea that's all nice, but what if someone gets that VIP house and doesn't want the balcony blocked? we'd have to unblock the balcony and vice versa for people unclaiming their VIP apt. We'd have to put em back and that's too much work. ” Get Your lazy ass out of CS and back to work in RP

  • I really cant say if i like this dude or not! he join and jump around high on vodca with an RPG I think he think`s he is a fucking bird or something........ Still sometimes he behaves like normal people Please give him cop, i think that can be fun for us all +1

  • cold Community Collusion

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    We are confused, where did the headline "COLLECTIVE ADMIN ABUSE/COVER UP" go ?…41f1e2674817058697a574bfa

  • "ur locks r gone" are you going to chew them of ? When i checked your inventory you really need to start save up! 1104 items total value 624153 3 Crossbow 69 Crowbars 12 Pistol 33 SMG 122 Stunstick 8 Revolver ammo 15 Ar Ammo 1 Ar Baals 20 SMG Ammo 34 Shootgun Ammo 56 RPG Round 8 Revolvers

  • 1 You dont reply when an admin ask you questions! 2 You try to save yourself by adding one member to the gang when you noticed what's coming 3 I dont see any plants so what does that make you ? Your in-game name:Raja The Russki Quote from CLITCOMMANDER: “The Staffs In-game name: Koala Tree Piggy Staffs Steam ID: Discription of the Event: So as im sitting here afking and planting going in and out of game i notice koala and a box come in my house and kill me, Koala having been lying to me the past…

  • Npc Weapon Buyer

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    Quote from syle22: “wep buyer not going to happen, but this does raise the question of dumping scrap weapons into some type of system ” We want a system that allow us to sell, trade, upgrade, all the shitt ve have in our inventory. Doggy can you please start coding! You have one hour And we want a really nice GUI, no shitty gui like they made on the xerox alto back in the early 70’s Clock’s ticking

  • Vip Apartments

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    Why dont "we" block all the unclaim balcony`s in the vip house! The way the house is now,,,,,well it need`s some more defence. Tx for your time

  • Kill is in the same category as many of the Cold community admins are! he is helpful, nice, skilled in the rules and fun to play with Good Luck +1

  • Forum admin app

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    Dede always take care off players in almost all ways , he turns players that for some reason leave the community/server. He always give away all his inventory and cash. I have played with him for almost 2 years now +1

  • If the problem is related only to players with income 78 and above i guess most of us can live with that bug

  • Can someone please tell "The Doggy" that next time he better change his name to " "

  • Sorry Kill but according to Phoenix8320 its the rule that's bad! [RP] You unlock the door. [RP] You lock the door. phoenix8320 : iml delete those demos KILL THRILL n SPILL : Mr. Ass Eater Supreme... wanna ride the train? [RP] You lock the door. phoenix8320 : ok [RP] Quick-Deposited $1,585 into your bank. [RP] Quick-Deposited $0 into your bank. ObiWan=S=C= : 1000 bucks i'll delete them phoenix8320 killed Ghost with shotgun. [RP] You pick up 1 of PD Jammer! phoenix8320 killed ObiWan=S=C= with shot…

  • Cop app

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    ohhdear, this can not be for real! You are the young player that have called me all the bad words in the universe! Anyway let me be the first to welcome you to the Cold community forum Regarding your Cop app i think… well you answers show the same behaver as in game. So maybe you need to read thru them just one more time and change some of the answers. Quote from phoenix8320: “i require to spawn with a pd scanner as well ” btw what are how many hours dos the rule say regarding to apply as cop ? …

  • Is that a long story ? 3 lines, I wonder what you call a short story anyway 2 question come to mind! 1. Can this this server survive the brothers Hustler and Satan ? 2. Can Dr Striker handel the brothers Hustler and Satan at the same time? Like they say in the jungel in Botswana "If Satan is on the way, be sure to reload you RPG" Best of luck! ///anonymous///

  • Hozza's Admin Application

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    We all can do that Hozza! "[cK] Hozza ๑ﭥ : grubbsy pls write something nice on my admin app" something nice ///anonymous///

  • chill guys! I haven`t seen mr king of anime in a long long on the server, he`s just rusty....... be glad he`s back ///anonymous///

  • system updated, case closed !

  • All servers are down,,,,, help.... i don`t want to go out in the real world........ anyone....... ///Anonymous///

  • Hey there young man, i have played with you for over a year and i remember the prosess when you become admin, and i was there for your famus cop strip You are a great and fun player to play with. Hope everything works out for you and your family soon! We will be here playing every day til you return again. Peace. ///Anonymous///

  • Plain and simple! DOA is a helpfull and great player +1 good luck Doa, and remember to propp for me ------anonymous-------