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    Rasul - - Denied Applications


    From my impression of Sam, I think he's a pretty chill kid in general. Respects other players and I haven't seen him brake any rules. And so, I believe he's genuine about his desire to become an admin. He deserves a shot at least, I highly doubt he'll take it for granted. That being said, not to offend anyone, but I think he'll prove to be a better admin than a few that we already have

  • At first, I couldn't tell the difference but then there was a few minor details for example I can't lock my apartment door by pressing shift. I had to actually move my hand inside my pocket and reach for the keys.. and literally grab the key, then shove it in the keyhole and turn it around. and much more hard moments it was awful. Quote from Rasul: “And I can't Jump twice And I can't rob a bank without the police interrupting me And I can't shove people without getting punched in the face And I …

  • Allahu Akbar! Bunch of Infidel Admins (JK) To be honest, I don't care how long the ban is, as I said, just do what you think is right, and I trust the admins to do so. What I did was wrong, regardless of who I am, regardless of whether I have a vagina or not, regardless of whether I am an ISIS secret agent planning to do some jihad in Germany or if I'm a Nazi Jew black man, we should all be treated equally As for the door, I don't recall using the dirty money to buy any locks. If you wanna be sa…

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    Rasul - - News/Announcements


    Quote from Sazuke: “Quote from CheesyBread: “ - Partially fixed Stripper Job. ” this is bullshit, "partially" is unacceptable, this job alone is why 90% of the players even logs in. ” Y U wanna be a stripper so bad bruh ? LOL

  • First off i just want to clearify that I wasen't banned or anything, this is basicly a confession with a detailed explaination of what happend regarding the printer bug and maybe an appeal incase you decide to ban me ( I know zou alreadz reset all my items and money) but I was confused on where to write it, so I thought this is the best place. Yes, I did find the printer glitch a long time ago and didn't report it. because I didn't know that I did. But please at least let me explain myself befor…

  • Rocket's Admin Application

    Rasul - - Removed Applications


    Why he should be an admin: - It's Rocketman - He's British - Sexy voice - Sexy accent - DUDE! IT'S ROCKETMAN! - Did I mention he's British? - Never leaves the F****** server index.php

  • Age: 19 In-Game name: Rasul l رسول SteamID: Time played: 120 hours --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I always wanted to be a cop ever since I first joined the server What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Don't kill unless you are provoked, and don't let anybody into the PD What is the function the Civil Protection?: to deal with crime, people who are playing to earn, can be cuff/uncuffed, but …