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  • Would make an excellent addition to the force. Very respective of the rules, and other players on the server and in the community.

  • Boss is a cool dude, down to earth. Helps players when they need, would make agood part of the community as a staff memeber. +1 from me.

  • yes, i did make some mistakes and ive already talked to Koala about them. i read the wiki and everything. i know not to use personal keys, to not kickdoors under 4k, and basically be fair with everyone. cant rdm rebels unless provoked, etc. i know that. we all make mistakes but i can at least admit to them and admit when i was wrong. i loved being pd and felt i was fair with players, even with the minor mistakes i made. when i did make them, i offered money back, or even whatever items were lost…

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    JackInMyPants - - Accepted Applications


    --Basic info-- Age: 20 In-Game name: JackInMyPants SteamID:JackInMyPants Time played: 72 --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: ensure a fun time on the server and to help out whomever is in need What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: cuff/uncuff when crime present, jail at 1800+ crime. no rdm and dont shoot at rebels unless defending self. What is the function the Civil Protection?: To keep order on the server and ween out the people who dont f…