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  • --Basic info-- Age: 17 In-Game name: Fungus SteamID: Time played: My time was reset. More info below --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I was in Civil Protection previously What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: No favoritism, kos in PD, general conduct with cuff/uncuff What is the function the Civil Protection?: To provide authority to the server If a player were to be rdming you what do you do?: Arrest them …

  • This will mainly be focused on the PD and every hope i have for it on a new map, because i haven't seen people focus on it a lot. First of all, the basics. It's been said before, but it needs to be more exciting to break into, and rebel vs. cop friendly. I'd also like to see it BIGGER. And no, i'm not saying the entire map big, or even a fourth, but big in the sense that you can tell its not just some other part of the map. Make it stand out. An easy way to do this is make it a mini-citadel. Not…

  • Matu Ban Request

    Cloak n' swagger - - Denied Ban Request


    Personaly, i dont think he should be BANNED, but i'd like to see somthing done. He basicly makes the server not fun. Hes "over trolling" by spawn killing, and even just killing to much in general. And as a cop, i cant even get a cuff-uncuff on him. I eventually gave up and left And poor Nutter... couldn't walk 2 feet without getting shot in his face.

  • alright, thats ok, but if i get 120 you would let me be cop, right?

  • Age:15 In-Game name:Cloak n' Swagger SteamID:[U:1:312429053] Time played:120 hours --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes, and i use it often. Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I liked roleplaying as CP on other servers, its fun. I also want to cut down the rdming What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: I would guess, arrest people, just do the job. Dont kill people for no reason, help new players and break up revolver fights. Rules are different on each server. What is the funct…