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  • Forum admin app

    STRIKER - - Accepted Applications


    Well, well, well... if it isn’t dede aka purplehaze. Aka akhi. Aka my number 1 propper hehehehe. This guy surely deserves every opportunity to be an admin on the forum despite him being a great admin in game and helping new players around. He deserves to be a forum admin a friend a family and most of all the love of our lives. A great player + admin = my habibi +1 for my akhi!

  • hustler admin application)

    STRIKER - - Denied Applications


    Threatened to rape and shoot me in st petersburgh on discord bad mouth towards, admins. Gypsy russian jokes. Not real russian. I think you deserve a -1

  • +10 always active good personality, able to handle every type of player. WILL BE GOOD ADMIN!

  • striker cop abuse

    STRIKER - - Accepted Ban Request


    hail romania! striker is deeply sorry for his poorly decisions without thinking about consequences

  • Map Change.

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  • --Your information-- IGN: Dr.Striker SteamID: STEAM_0:0:72574959 Steam Profile: --Accused member information-- IGN: Hustler SteamID: Steam Profile: --Format-- What rules did said player break?: COP ABUSE Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: He switched as cop just to cuff us in his base, and after that he constantly killed me for no reason. Witnesses at the scene: hozza and hulf Was there an ad…

  • Constantly screaming and yelling on the mic, talking to himself.


    STRIKER - - General Discussion


    CALLING ALL PROPPERS TO PROP FOR HAND AND SALLY MARRIAGE !!! "i have an idea striker will he marry me on this map's church?" -sally "he said he will right ?" -sally ______________________________________________________________________ STRIKER NUMBER 1 SINGER!

  • Quote from HAND OF DOOM: “ ” CONVINCED. -1 not good for cop

  • We need more admins around specially like DOA. a Knowledgeable and a very helpful player. at my first visit to the community, DOA helped me with commands, rules and other stuffs i had no idea of. DOA would make a GOOD admin +1

  • I apologize for my unknowledgeable act/behavior and a need for help from a rebel (shadowland) to kill the rebels protecting kill thrill. (not help take or kill, kill thrill but to help me kill the persons killing me which were the persons killing me outside before i could open the door.) i had payed kill thrill for the damage that i cause. and the money that he lost. I also had a problem with my connection that is why i got disconnected. peace out. JIHAD!.

  • (ØČĐ)™§triker --Basic info-- Age:20 In-Game name:(ØČĐ)™§triker Steamid A:1:322486 Time played: 82 hours --Questions— Do you have a mic?: yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: To uphold law. What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: cuffing and uncuffing when crime is 1,800 and above, Don't shoot other players unless shot at, a Cop can only kick a door or raid a players home if they have 4k plus crime. What is the function the Civil Protection?: To keep the Law of the server withou…