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  • Unban Nord F**ker pls

    Mr.NordFucka - - Ban Appeals


    Hello My Dear cold community blyat It's your big brother Nord Fucker Today was an accident,new player was doorblocking in my house and then left the combat with me. Hand Of Doom was online.Me and player with me told him about that accident but he didn't respond and tell that he need proofs.Another player who saw that also told him about it but it had no respond in his heart.I had proofs i was PrtSc it but lost it because I gave a link to a forum to new player,so we can write about this accident.…

  • Ban Croco

    Mr.NordFucka - - Accepted Ban Request


    Croco was doorblocking in my house and when i killed myself he took all money and left from combat!He must be banned for this caus this shit is not allowed on the server!