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  • You may or may not remember me. I am Outlier. I most certainly did not forget this server and the individuals on it. I am extremely excited to see what the admins have done in the time I was gone and how the server has evolved. I have requested my 1 year ban to be lifted in the appeals section. I would also greatly appreciate it if my cop was re-instated. I'm very glad to be back. Les do this.

  • It's time to say farewell to those that I did not have the chance to tonight. I discovered sylesrp around a month ago and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I requested the admins to ban me for a total of 1 year because I need to go. Perhaps I will return in one year. I am sorry if I did not have a chance to say goodbye to you. Special mentions to some of the most influential people out there that shaped the game for me: Eldrun Hyprdmg bullethunteer proctor wong blarg sundrysix/overkill LSD godfather AJAX…


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    that was epic