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  • Lucifer was at my house and got banned (think because my IP has been banned) Proof: How do I upload videos from my photo libary?

  • Quote from The Doggy: “No lmao, you should've said something when you saw it happening. Even when you did say something you didn't even bother to mention who was doing it. ” Wow, ok, next time I see a bug I won't mention it at all them champ.

  • Quote from The Doggy: “Oh I thought you were talking about the people abusing their doorhacks... In any case one person has been caught and searches are being conducted as I speak so if anyone else is thinking of abusing this be wary. ” Since I've raised great awareness of this serious extreme money making issue can I recieve some sort of reward? Whether that's time off the 2 week ban or an item when I come back. People have made millions and I've seen someone have 1mil+ crime when there was onl…

  • Quote from The Doggy: “Quote from MasterWong: “The reason I'm using it as an example is because they haven't gotten caught. ” Could you maybe point those people out to us so that we could look into it? Doing that might actually improve your reputation a small amount instead of you just being a shithead and everyone hating you. ” The reason I'm using it as an example is because they haven't gotten caught. Quote from The Doggy: “Quote from MasterWong: “ ” Could you maybe point those people out to …

  • Quote from joshhite11: “If you’ve seen a player breaking rules you should record it and/or go get an admin. Using unlimited doorhack to gain lots of crime just to get high bounty is considered exploiting. Just because they didn’t get caught doesn’t make it right so don’t try to use that argument. As far as the alt accounts go, your allowed to have alt accounts just not on at the same time. The reason your Alts are getting banned is because your trying to join while having a ban on your main acco…

  • Quote from littlepizzabutt: “Quote from MasterWong: “I'm only toxic to people that are toxic to me ” That's funny because the first time I had any interaction with you was when you were accusing me of sending nudes to a minor. The reason we are toxic to you is because you brought it with you! Also, you're claiming an admin abused you but you refuse to say their name? Yeah, ok kid... ” just not true smh

  • Quote from Novaaa: “Not even gonna read this. You wasted time posting it. Either follow rules or keep getting banned until you get permbanned. ” If you're not gonna read it then don't post anything. Thanks. Edit: If you want to argue about stuff then DM me, if not, F off

  • I think ALT accounts are good for the server. It makes the server seem to have more players potentially attracting new real players. Although I can see how if someone had 5 alt accounts all growing weed at the same time could be OP / Pay2win, one ALT account can't hurt. If you want to be VIP DM'ing people why shouldn't we be allowed to have our ALT account counterfeiting in the back round? If you think ALT accounts are really so "OP" then why do we have things like PLAT VIP we're you can literal…

  • Quote from joshhite11: “That didn’t result in a ban, you said “please take into consideration what has been said” so I did lol. Fist wouldn’t just randomly call you a bitch and tell you to shut up just because you broke a rule. You messaged him several times about shit that is completly irrelevant to why you got banned, which is why he said what he said. ” Ok? What does that have to do with anything. I didn't intend on admins to look at the talking shit aspect, and more on what actually happened…

  • Quote from joshhite11: “Seems like your missing the part of chat where you were talking shit about him not knowing who Bruce lee is, that’s why he said “bitch shut up” because you were messaging him irrelevant stuff. ” I figured that was off topic, and that has nothing to do with the game, so why should it result in a ban?

  • So without prior warning fist is proping I go into shadows base and picklock the door, I go inside then open the second door and see a gascan. I shoot it and kill shadowland see he dropped aload of weed and in a rush go and collect it, at this point fist is messanging me saying "We are proping stop" (In steam DM's) but while im grabbing weed I see fist on top of me "his not even in noclip" and I kill him. (I'm not going to be looking at the bottom left hand corner instantly as I'm in a rush to g…

  • My 3 week gag ban appeal

    MasterWong - - Denied Ban Appeals


    Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:4951293 Your in-game Name: BladeKnight Why you got gagged: I was gagged because I was saying shit to an admin "Fuck you fist" etc. Although I know this is against the rules, it doesn't deserve a 3 week gag. At the time me and fist greatly disliked each other and for me talking shit and arguing to him results in a 3 week gag, this does not seem like a reasonable punishment. Me and fist of fury are on good terms now and I quite honestly think fist would lower the gag becua…

  • Quote from Catsumi: “Even when I have a mic, I wouldn't talk to immature cringy people like you. Grow up and stop trolling other people. Impersonating other people because the own identity of him is already messed up. Well played. ” Yea ight, u make no sense kid. Bro you literally didn't even wanna reveal ur gender cuz a insecure ass skinny small bitch. I'm 15 and I'm just as tall as you hoe ass lookin anime weaboo bitch. U buy plat VIP but get no mic cuz ur voice probs sounds liek a fukin allig…

  • Quote from Catsumi: “Nice profile picture and personating other people, Wong. Shows us how mature you really are. ” Matee get a mic then talk to me

  • Lol you literally just made that name up wtf even is that name lol. Stop lying you know you got salty because I bet you in a argument stop creating false facts.

  • I was playing on the server and I politely disagreed with one thing fist of fury was passionately talking about and he gagged me for 30 mins. Ŧι$† øŦ ŦuƦψ : yhea deinstall youre game and never come back Ŧι$† øŦ ŦuƦψ : should help Also wants me to leave the server and I found a bug and he ignored me.

  • China apology\

    MasterWong - - General Discussion


    Quote from eldrun: “This could have done in a pm lol ” No

  • Few More game ideas

    MasterWong - - Suggestions


    I disagree with cat

  • China apology\

    MasterWong - - General Discussion


    The apology was already accepted x

  • China apology\

    MasterWong - - General Discussion


    Sorry china for making for of your wife when we had alot of beef and fought many, many times. hopefully we don't fight in the future and become truced. You're a smart guy so I was dumb to piss ya off.