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  • doom what was the reason for huh? just because the best players complained doesent mean you can just ban me without evidence what if im just good at dodging bullets. I mean come on this is just unfair. You cant just ban me because you have complaints from good players you need sufficent evidence. Id also like to see the "evidence" you have that gives you the ok to ban me.

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    Your Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:7600153 Your in-game Name: [38G] Offset Wins: 9912 Losses: Why you got banned: "lag switching" Other Information you think we should know: i feel that doom unfairly banned me because he has no proof of lag switching and i think that this ban of 33 hours was unessesary because he doesnt have enough evidence to prove it.

  • still chyna the demo is just him being in jail and checking doors he was in a fight with me for 5 seconds and that is it and im certain that this is not sufficent evidence to get me banned

  • how do you know if this isnt lag? ive never seen a teleport hack before i belive it would get detected easily