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  • Banned

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Denied Ban Appeals


    Lol by the time this post gets a response, the ban will be over. Also disrespecting admins is not allowed so I don't see why you even bothered writing this post.

  • Adding buy options to vendors

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Suggestions


    Birds aren't real.

  • The problem is that there is no clarification in the rules about that. Thats what this post is about. The ONLY rule in the MOTD about cops shooting rebels is: Do not shoot at Rebels unless shot at first. - The Player does not have to actually hit you, it just needs to be clear that they attempted to shoot you.So this section in the MOTD needs to be updated, because right now I could just go and say that someones name "angers" me and that adheres to your definition of provocation. We don't need a…

  • We could do both. The drug grower one could be a specialty like Master Grower. This specialty could grow a higher quality weed and be a different item that sells for more, this would add risk to the specialty as people will be more likely to target them because they would get the higher quality weed to sell themselves. This would balance a value buff that they get. And if they were to be able to grow more instead of sell for more they could maybe have a higher multiplier for crime, this would ba…

  • I am more pissed about the first event than the second. And either that or a start timer for the lock down, like you cant just drop it right after the server resets. Honestly 90% of the time I have seen a cop call a lockdown, it is because they are bored and there is no crime at all and they just want to RDM with the weapons they spawn with. Quote from ThunderShorts: “You were caught out in a lockdown, and got shot. ” I wasn't outside in a lockdown, i was inside of a building. And the building w…

  • So since coming to city26 there have been players coming back from hiatus's and are active again. Some of these players are cops and have been bending rules or adding reasons of provocation as a cop that are not listed in said rules. I have two recent examples to show. 1. The server crashed and reset, about 5 minutes into the reset a cop started lockdown. I went to my apartment to afk and a cop was in the apartment. Said cop then pushed me outside the apartment when the lockdown started and kill…

  • Beamed Admin Application

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Applications


    I don't know if I have actually met Beamed, but if I did it is very vague to me. But most of the players who actually play on the server have generally good opinions, and the application itself looks well. I don't see why we can't have another person that is looking to better the server as an admin. The question now is if he will actually step up to the plate when asked, or if he will step back. I do see a lot of names on this post that I have never met or who are like RARELY on. But from what I…

  • Meh, its just a minor tweak. With hacking how good it is honestly no other job is worth grinding. Especially with snowden.

  • Because whats the point of employing someone with a job that requires responsibility if they haven't invested time into the server. The reason there is even an application process should show that you need to have some kind of time invested in the server. If you can't put in a measly 80 hours into the server then why bother even becoming cop. The Cop job itself requires grinding to get promotions. Also if you can't find a single reason why it would benefit the server to make you cop, then why th…

  • it's not a risk/reward job because it is lower paying and doesn't need a buff. That's why it pays what it is. As for medic, I still feel that even with that kind of buff or price increase, the medic job will still be barely used if all. The only way to make it have some use would be to majorly buff it and make it overpowered. Otherwise people are going to stick to their ways.

  • We don't like yer kind round here boi.

  • Mentions GMOD and it being more professional. -1000

  • For the sanitation job, there is no reason to buff it. It is a job that does not generate crime or have too much risk to it. And it still pays fairly well if someone was to grind it. The reward shouldn't be increased unless the risk is increased. For the medic job, there is too much risk to see any reward come from the job. No one that is actively DMing will carry money around that they can pay the medic for healing, especially when there are healing items you can bind. Not only that but the med…

  • China's Moment of Genius

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Roleplay HL2DM


    At least China can someone DM you sorry sack of trash

  • Adding buy options to vendors

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Suggestions


    Adding higher quantity options to buy vendors would be excellent, especially things like paper for printing. Increasing the Quantity you can buy to 100 and maybe 250 or 500 would be great, and save time for people looking to buy in mass quantities. Being able to buy in larger quantities doesn't give any kind of an unfair advantage to anyone really. I could see how it exposes people with money less but with vendor and bank software being a thing, that doesn't really matter as much anymore.

  • Your name: MeTaL ^x^ Your steam id: (STEAM_0:1:29287041) Description of the bug: When being released from a jail cell, the player gets uncuffed, but remains in the jail cell instead of teleporting to out front of the Police Department Steps to reproduce the bug: 1. Log into server 2. Obtain 1800+ crime 3. Get cuffed by cop 4. Get jailed by cop 5. Get released by cop while in jail Expected result: Get uncuffed and teleported out front of the PD Does the bug require interaction from more than one …

  • yes. When you fixed it the last time, it broke again after the server crashed and reset.

  • I didn't deal any damage to him, the videos do not have any hit register sounds. otherwise he would be dead. i can shoot all i want but i do 0 damage to him, and then he shoots me and kills me.

  • Your name: MeTaL ^x^ Your steam id: (STEAM_0:1:29287041) Description of the bug: no matter where you press use on, the printer supply buy menu will not pop up. Steps to reproduce the bug: 1. Log into server 2. Go to Printer vendor 3. Press use item button (button pressed changes with the player) Expected result: Printer Supplies buy menu pops up Does the bug require interaction from more than one person to occur?: No Does the bug cause a server crash?: No Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. …

  • I added two more videos, the 2nd one has proof of him shooting me through the props and I can't shoot him back.