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  • Steam Name: Spiegelmann SteamID: STEAM_0:1:34311786 Age: 20 How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: Member since February 18th, 2017. In-game hours estimate over 4 days. What does being a staff member entail?: A staff member is there to help players out, enforce and protect the rules of the server, on the server. Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a trial-staff position?: - I learn new things fairly easy, so I'm eager to learn how it feels to be staff and l…

  • +1 An overall good player.

  • Thank you very much. Will I be able to have the rank, that I reached with Cop back?

  • Hiya. I'm an old player in the community, and I decided to play again here after a while I was gone. But, as I connected I lost everything. Items and their worth, Playtime, Cop, and my Cash. The last time I was here, I reached to 450k in the bank. You can check in Accepted Applications for it if you require evidence that I have Cop. But, I lost it after getting reset. I reached the 2nd Rank on it. I just wish to have it back, primarily the Cop position. If you don't know who I am, then I went by…

  • DH admin app :)

    Spiegelmann (TOXIC) - - Removed Applications


    -1 I've seen the temper and the disrespect. Much a characteristic player. How toxic

  • I love toxic materials

  • --Basic info-- Age: 17 (2nd March) In-Game name: TØX!C SteamID: STEAM_0:1:34311786 Time played: 81 hours --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes I do. Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I love being Cop from time-to-time, and I was a former one on Chaos Crew's Server. Also, I can help the server have more active Cops on it. What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Jail criminals at 1800+ Crime and only kick a door if he/she has 4000+ Crime, it is not allowed to unjail others' prison…

  • Awesome <3

  • Because he's TOXIC, duh? Just made this up to show I'm not idle or gone. I will be available and slightly more active next week. So be prepared for more TOXIC life in the RP Server. I like you all in the community!

  • This is just a personal topic I want to share. Lately I've been dealing with a bunch of stress in the weeks. The reasons are the heavy exams and the pressure from the school, causing me to literally flip the tables. I'm keeping my temper as best as I can in order to be cheering and friendly to you all. As I'm writing this and using my school's wifi, I can tell it is the worst when it comes to combat in HL2. So you won't expect much duel with me from Mon-Fri. I love the weekends, because I'm home…

  • Toxic Introduction

    Spiegelmann (TOXIC) - - Introduction


    Good day or evening y'all! I'm Toxic, or named TØX!C, and I'm a brand new player started on the CoLD Community since yesterday. (18-2-2017) I'm a guy from Denmark (GMT +2) and I'm optimistic, and a loyal type. This isn't my first time playing HL2 RP, but it's been over a year I played it. Before I found CoLD, I spent time in a other RP Server that is currently down for good. I was a Cop in it, so I know the experience and basic rules. If anyone has a question about me, I'd gladly answer the best…