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  • He doesn't even play! She doesn't even play! You don't even play! Why does it always boil down to that? I presented a solution, which grubbsy linked. Really Grubbsy is pretty bang on with his assessment and facts. I have several hundred hours (500+ at minimum) on the server and several thousand working on maps and highscores. I don't afk so you won't see me with thousands of semi-active/inactive hours. When I'm on, I'm playing and chatting. I have an absurd amount of access for someone who is 'r…

  • As people likely saw on city26, I like to be creative and imaginative with my propping. I had 24~ key holders, no locks on my door and I was growing without a care in the world. Maybe people who really need these massive defenses need to reconsider how people feel about them. Think about how they act to receive such aggression instead of playing a victim.

  • RP Ruby - 2021

    Rezoz - - Roleplay HL2DM


    Sometime 2021, maybe 2022, certainly not 2020. I have been working on this map since late 2019. Development has been extremely slow and I doubt it'll be done for 2020 or the next two... likely 3 map cycles. But I thought I'd share the main area I have finished thus far. I look forward to completing it and sharing it with you all.. some day. Here's to Venice v2, aka Ruby. index.php index.php

  • Safe Place to Speak

    Rezoz - - General Discussion


    Well. Since we're all doing this I guess. I joined in Nov 2017 if I recall correctly. Previously I was spending a lot of time on Garrys mod among mythic servers as a mapper / developer. It's no small secret that my introduction to Cold Community was rather explosive. From player to admin, to super admin in the span of two months. Want to talk about fast promotions? That'd be it. But there was one major flaw that took place which pissed me off considerably. I applied for admin just like any other…

  • Regardless of your point of view, fence mazes have taken a strong hold in how RP is played on the server. They aren't perfect and have offered up some unfair advantages to the defending party. Be it in new defending tactics using splash damage or having the maze be absurdly long going through multiple doors. The following set of props are built in 64u segments. These props are designed to keep the attacker crouched at all times in a respectable and predefined amount of space which allows for eas…

  • I'd like to re-apply for my super-admin. Banning and gagging every trouble maker makes for a quiet server... This is why I think a lot of repeat offenders or trolls get their bans heavily reduced or just don't get firm-fist permanently banned. The legal action or wording for harassment... You've got to be kidding me Clit? You tried this so very long ago against FMC v2 and it's GMT posters and that went no where... Do you honestly think bringing up laws will actually benefit you or make a differe…

  • Mr.Sandmans Staff Application

    Rezoz - - Applications


    Alright, let's douse the flames. I probably do know; but don't recall sandman prior to meeting him on the server yesterday. But there is a little I'd like to comment on since this is an admin application. My tl;dr opinion of him? Overly enthusiastic trying to jump into too much too fast. Sandman, overall you aren't bad from what I can tell. Our interactions weren't negative, neither were they particularly positive. You are very motivated to jump in and take charge with trying to start things lik…