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  • Huztler probably knows the rules better than most now, if you really want to give cop a real try then I support that. I think the cop role would allow you to see things from the other side, You are good DM'er and this will allow you to use those abilities for the good of the server. Rather than against it. I'm hesitant to see you at the higher ranks of cop right now but I'd like to see you prove that you really want to stop being a 'douchie' as you put it and join the community. +1

  • Never seen Taco in any trouble always been good to the server. Application looks solid, can definitely tell you've got previous experience. +1

  • AKP I haven't given him anything. He received 0. At the time I only wanted you both to come to an agreement with him paying you. I was going to help him with money to pay you back which he refused and wanted to continue fighting with you. So as of now, no one has received anything.

  • Tronix I didn't tell you to grind 2.4mil locks. I told you to speak to AKP. Come up with a solution. I even offered to financially support you out of the problem. You contributed to a war with ALL and he used the Software and Framer job to lock you in jail. He broke 0 Rules and when you threw accusations of him exploiting or cheating. We admins had a conversation and checked several avenues of what was happening. He legitimately used his resources to upset You, You took neither of my points of a…

  • SamC4 cop app

    RyANNN - - Accepted Applications


    +1 80 hours solid gameplay. Good honest player. No reason not to give him cop.

  • Kritcals Trial Admin app.

    RyANNN - - Accepted Applications


    Taking what's been said about his hours I leave that in the hands of the correct people. Although about his situation with Huztler, I would only like to say that A trial position would allow Kritical to prove he is capable of leaving behind his prior problems with other players. If found he is incapable of doing that then I'm sure he would be as quickly removed from the position. I didn't have the easiest start in receiving my trial and had to prove a few things to certain admins first. This pos…

  • I personally believe Kritcal would do well as an admin. Known him as a player most of his time playing and haven't got a bad word about him. +1 from me. Good luck with your application dude :)

  • Same thing really, Generally nice enough player. No reason to say no apart from take a chill out on the Mic. You have a tendency to spam. If you can do that...+1

  • Gang Base Computer Terminals

    RyANNN - - Suggestions


    A discussion in the server led to an idea today. We could potentially have an option where certain levels of admins could supply to a GANG BASE only. Use-able computers. The price would have to be high, something like 5 MIL depending on your opinions. A price and procedure obviously decided among the higher admins. There is no advantage of robbing a terminal, and even still there is a substantial cooldown. 1. It makes crime higher in a gang base for potential gang base raids for PD + Players. 2.…

  • 3 Mil and you got a deal

  • Huztler stole my 1k NoCrime

    RyANNN - - Denied Ban Request


    I think this is a massive dick move, truthfully I think it should be restored on this one occasion and be a notice to everyone on how easily you can be scammed in this style of RP. 1000 No Crime is a lot of work, time and energy and for it to be all stolen from him in such a way I think is quite unfair. I hear what everyone is saying about it being his own fault. I do agree, He should of taken everything said above this into account when he agreed to make this trade. Unfortunately for Huztler he…

  • I'm sure we were discussing this on the server just the other day. This is a great idea, crafting to the high end to sell on the market making the time used in the process valuable rather than sitting in your house waiting for your plant to grow. I think crafting would add a massive boost to the server popularity. Potential for Craft only items there too. I think the player market would really bring people closer together in a sense. No more scam trades firstly. Items go on the market. Once they…

  • Application is good, I recommend Kritcal for CP. He's a good person, knows how it all works, If he keeps a level head when playing CP he will do well. +1

  • Kist makes a strong point, if we had Bilingual admins to help bridge the gap between different players it would be a massive help. He's active and a good player on the server. I'd support this app with a +1.

  • Good Application, we have been talking about him wanting to be cop in server. I think with the correct guidance he could make a good cop. I'd like to +1 his app.

  • Through the next map change and beyond! Thanks again guys for all the feedback and replies on this thread. Till then

  • Appreciate all the comments guys

  • Quote from Volar: “Application looks thought out and for the most part correct. Player seems level headed and is generally a pleasure to be around. My only concern is the short time he's been around so far. +1 due to past experience and his general attitude. ” Could you let me know what I need to know that wasn't correct? Thanks for the +1 though! smile.png

  • Steam Name: RyANNN SteamID: STEAM_0:0:37574148 Age: 22 How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: I've played for about 3 weeks now. What does being a staff member entail?: I believe being a staff member entails getting along with all people while abiding and enforcing all rules. I also believe I might be obliged to attend meetings and conversations if asked. Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a trial-staff position?: I believe i've become a good part of the s…

  • --Basic info-- Age: 22 In-Game name: RyANNN SteamID: STEAM_0:0:37574148 Time played: 172 Hours --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes, I can begin to use it more for this role. Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I'm applying for Civil Protection for several reasons, 1. I play in the EU time zone, I find that advantage since a lot of CP's are American Timezone. 2. I like the idea of playing the game from the other side, Allows me to have some change in my time while playing. 3. I don't th…