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  • Quote from IDaab: “Well, Doom isnt just going too BAN you for no reason.. So playing innocent in a sitaution where you clearly got caught by a high ranked admin isnt going to accomplish much. Rekt ” Thats why he has provided no proof with any accusation now has he? I admitted to itembinding moron.

  • Quote from $lovak Power: “cheat investigations on this server are pretty bad... no doubt when admins have 0 knowledge about basic hl2dm things except freezing props ” I know its insane. Haven't played hl2dm in nearly 4 years.. haven't seen any VG members in awhile! I like that hud also

  • He joins server and watches me get 6 kills in a row then bans me on the spot for "item binding" for yet again another day... 2 Week Ban? SteamID STEAM_0:0:66186063 got banned for 3 days for itembinding and Ive been given 2 weeks? also one kill under 10 hours cry me a river. Still refuses to talk to me about the issue. Been a dick since I joined the server.

  • 2 weeks? You just banned me again for another day.. after I joined like seriously.. I want proof of my itembinding this time.. I wasnt using any binds except for bind 1 "Say /items" This has got to end with this idiotic admin..

  • Because I was killing him to much... He couldn't handle it so he resulted in perm banning me with no explanation.. Several other admins were online also.. But gave me no answer also

  • This is still not resolved would like to see the new map..

  • Goodluck with that. Like I told alex420.. Always aim for the head if you watch me play.. I miss and I hit amazing shots.. doesn't mean I am cheating. @HAND OF DOOM post now..

  • Lmao. Seriously? Learn how to play HL2DM... used to play pro with the best just like Sidezz gtfo scrub Because you taunted me and tried starting shit with me? Get over yourself kid.. RDM isnt against the rules last time I checked. Considering many other do the same thing as I do.

  • Nope, never said a word about it.

  • What?

  • Indeed.

  • Well this is the second time I've been perm banned with no actual reasoning to why.. Other than some admin that says I hack.. and you want me to be nice and friendly over it? I only used item bind for a couple of hours which was harmless and I killed one under 10? and that results in 3-4 day ban? Seriously Your admins didn't check the logs because they would rather perm ban because they accused me of hacking..

  • So killing one player resolves in a perm ban? hmm alright then good to know the rules. He called aimbot because he got mad over me constantly killing him..

  • Your Steam ID: Your in-game Name: General Why you got banned: At first I got banned for constantly rdming doom and eventually he got mad because he sucks at deathmatch. So he banned me bc of cheating. Then I talked to 420alex then they changed ban to me itembinding and killing under 10s and occurring 800k within 2 hours? Yes I admit I menubinded using my revolver which is hardly a crime for a perm ban. Then I killed one person with 8 hours while I'm at 2... Then blue does around 3-4m drop today …