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  • DOA gets my +1

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    lawdog is best admin i know so far 1+

  • if you think the reset is a good thing your just dumb i'm not talking about a new map reset i mean the economy reset i will not play on this game if i have to be a box player i will not come back and you will not have many players on here hldm is a dead game to some to me this rp is fun i made friends and foes do i want to give all that up noo i do not so we do not need this bullshit economy reset

  • kittys cop app

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    --Basic info-- Age:21 In-Game name:Demonkitty SteamID: (STEAM_0:1:459248549) Time played:80 hours --Questions— Do you have a mic?: no sorry :3 Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: to be the best cop in city What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: yes i have seen all the rules more then one time so yeah if i need any help i just ask lawdog ok OK i'm not joking the rules are: 1800 crime = arrrest dont heal without asking and never shoot first kickdoor=4000 or greater only shoot a pla…