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  • i know crazy had like 5mil and duer donated 1.9k locks, and nobody donated 1k locks. idk how much doom or kenay donated but i know for a fact that all that does not equal 24mil, especially since most of your people arent even online most of the time. and being afk does give you money, if you have alot of hours in the game. i make $42 a minute, which rounds to like $20,000 in 8 hours(since thats how long i stayed afk), so you cant say that you get all that money from being "afk". This is why i wa…

  • listen, i know there your friends and all but it doesnt add up. witwicky broke there 8k locks last map which is 8mil. are you telling me they had more money after having all there locks broken? that means they had a total of 24 mil or more. i find that impossible to do since they are usually afk.

  • that does not equal 16k locks or the money for there houses. i find it impossible for them to have so much locks and money after 2 weeks of a map change.

  • Are the locks on his door even legit?

  • Cop

    youngguchipapi - - Accepted Applications


    --Basic info-- Age: 17 In-Game name: BigMoneyBaller SteamID: Time played: 699 hours --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: So i can become cop when no one else is and keep the crime to a minimum. What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Not to RDM players, Only shoot people if fired upon, Cuff players at 1800+ crime and to only kickdoor with 4000+ crime. What is the function the Civil Protection?: To maintain order in the server. Also to Make sure…

  • Ban Request

    youngguchipapi - - Accepted Ban Request


    this shouldnt be a reason to ban. People are always spamming so.

  • lmao what a lame excuse

  • weather its the right section or not who cares, atleast my word is being heard

  • I was in koolaid house when Mr. Dane Vogel spawn a train on top of me and got me stuck. Then, he shot me after coming through the wall. I didn't anything wrong but he still killed me. His only excuse was that he didnt want koolaid to bitch at him about it, which i think isn't his right to worry about it since I only killed him. I just wanted to report this player for admin abuse because i did nothing wrong at all. I hope guys can take this to account and take his admin rights away. Thank you.