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  • China knows the rules and is always open to helping and telling those who are newer those rules, I personally would love china to became an addition to the admin team. China is one to mess around a lot but always step up when needed, and i feel like he would fill the role of being a fun and help admin perfectly.

  • This is the third day in a row that nitro has been, in trouble for this kind of thing, he is constantly abusing, and not following the rules.

  • Lawdog would make an amazing cop, he has even been reveiwing with me and the others to make sure he knows the rules! He is a good round player!

  • October 12th 2018 Kingkiasfist --Basic info-- Age:18 In-Game name:kingkiasfist SteamID:kingkiasfist Time played:126 hours --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: it's highly recommended, I think little be a lot of fun and I'm on alot when there arnt any cops. What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: cuffing and uncuffing at crime 1,800 or more, dont shoot other players unless shot at, can only kick door raid a Ayers home if they have 4k plus crime,…