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  • Maybe I was a bit to unclear. I respect good character admins like you Mike, Duer, Koala, Doom and everyone I have met already. I didn't know much about DH when he wasn't a trial admin, but I felt it when he was. Again: Me and Zirv had our personal discussion and it involved no one else but me and him. DH somehow thought he had to stand above us ( maybe even wants to tell us what we should talk about?) and gagged me and zirv very hard. Me even longer than the rest, without giving me the chance t…

  • Accurate statement. His character tends to abuse given powers and is not fitting the responsible position of an admin. Check the scars on my body. (Details can be provided)

  • Koala biased admin Koala Edit:-- see his later post: Koala is not biased! I can only assume that he was upset by the applications being processed out of date order.

  • You're right, it has nothing to do with it. So I am not sure why this was mentioned to decrease my reputation and chances for being accepted as a cop. So I wanted to show what really happened. Ofc we could've fight in that maze for ever. I don't think anyone would be able to kill the other one though.

  • Okay, definitely not mad. I think you meant this? : D Room was empty, no one entered, and the maze is just ass to walk through. So in fact, I didnt avoid getting killed, because no one was there to kill me. ( I joined the server instantly so they can take revenge.)

  • hahahaha Zirv still mad Don't leave doors open!

  • Updated with the right format.

  • Civil Protection Application --Basic info-- Age: 19 In-Game name: pr2s SteamID:n U:1:31528898 Time played: 58h and going --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes, I do have a mic. Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I love the authority and the responsibility that the Civil Protection has to offer. What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Follow the Civil Protection rules, listed in the Wiki. What is the function the Civil Protection?: To keep peace and order in the city. That means d…