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  • nova

    Tronix - - Hall of Fail


    I just thought I would share with you guys my thoughts about this individual "nova". Without flaming her. This chick is absurd. She started in on me (yes, that means "she started it" in kiddie terms) because of Chameleon since I was in 0FG. She started cussing me out and all kinds of shit one day for no reason. This was after I used to follow her around a little bit into the bank as a box (new player) and I would jokingly sometimes place 1k hit. I was getting along great with her but she blames …

  • Well you admins are going to move this to Hall of Fail because you are a bunch of trolls and this is a pointless post, but AKP Lileri is exploiting things your developers built in to the server so that I cannot ever get out of jail. Ryannn basically told me to grind 2.4 million $ worth of locks on the server and give it to lileri. Well guess what? that isn't happening. Also I would like to have to say that the only admin on the server that has any brains is 0at. But 0at again, as I told you when…