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  • Does this mean I'm an official member of the patriarchy? lol

  • Ban notification from a forum moderator — 15 minutes ago You have been banned from Sid Meier's Civilization VI Discussions You have been banned from Sid Meier's Civilization VI Discussions by a forum moderator for your post in "Have the Feminists taken over??": Originally posted by StruckOutLooking:I wonder how much developers these days are actually scarred of possibly appearing sexist... Almost half of the drivers are female in Motorsport Manager. Women teams in Fifa. The thruth is 90% of thei…

  • Oatmeal Abuse

    Patriot03 - - Denied Ban Request


    Oatmeal never talked to you kekor but he did start to apologize and seemed like a nice dude, doggy on the other hand just started throwing out bans after having ignored us (banning while Oatmeal and me were have a discussion). That is definitely a big problem, the mistake not a huge deal we can easily get past that but the perm bans from doggy is just destructive to the server to be quite frank, we're not the bad guys that need banned.

  • Banned for no reason

    Patriot03 - - Accepted Ban Appeals


    Well I was also banned in the same incident so I'll just post here instead of creating my own. What happened was 1. Survivor RDMs Kekor, some other guy, and myself whilst we were collecting trash for some petty money since we're new and broke. Me and kekor have below 10 hours, so does survivor. 2. Kekor and I engage in battle with Survivor in which he partakes 3. Survivor then starts to complain and cry that hes under 10 hours (At this time no admin has said a word, me and kekor were once told b…