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  • New Map?

    Slaughter1337 - - Suggestions


    I think Pray would be a good selection along with it being Hoosa's Ideal , and we could connect it with a big water map like "Grubbsy " was talking maybe have Boat races or something. Also could we implement a Lawyer job so somebody can make like $500 to erase 1,000 crime. To Booty Quake Slaughter1337

  • Dear Sirs: I was wondering if I could have all my cop job major rank back. I have reread the rules and Syle's post on cop job , and where to keep my head in the game situations. I enjoyed being cop and helping protect server from bad guys. I like helping teach new guys how to play game when admins are not on. I'm sorry for all the trouble I have caused the Doggy in the Past as he is a real good Player! Slaughter1337

  • Big Daddy:I straightened up my aplication thanks for the help once again. Slaughter

  • --Basic info-- Age:57 In-Game name:Slaughter SteamID:Slaughter1337 Time played:29 hours on server --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?:The other players keep killing me and stealing all my hard earned money, and to learn that part of the community. What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: Keep Community Safe from evil,Cuff/uncuff and jail when crime = 1800 points, Don't shoot rebels unless shot at first, use /kickdoor to access criminal or contra…