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  • Uptown v4

    BoSS The Castle [RQ] - - Roleplay HL2DM


    I do agree, lots of servers have chosen to make this map their home if only for a brief time some longer. Personally i love the map and ran with it on extreme as well as a few other servers. I would love to see this as a multi game compatible map with most of the bugs sorted out.

  • I apologize if calling you out for tormenting players and riding the edge of the rules has upset you enough to bring it to the forums. Your opposition and just general disrespect for the community with an unwillingness to change is exactly what got you banned. I just wish you had learned from the experience.

  • FC2

    BoSS The Castle [RQ] - - Suggestions


    I really like the new map and appreciate that there is enough familiarity with the old maps to make for a smoother transition but not so much so that it feels repetitive. Now that we're getting settled into the map and its not “the new thing” I hope we become more comfortable with it.

  • id say 70%

  • FC2

    BoSS The Castle [RQ] - - Suggestions


    i vote Yomama

  • To Clitcommander: I agree. Maybe I just don't understand what "trial" means. I am asking for a tryout. I knew when I decided to do this that people would oppose me. I even admit they have good reasons based on my behavior many years ago. I'm not on here arguing or trying to make excuses. I was an asshole...bottom line. I am also not that same person today (because years have passed). I have always valued my role in this community. That's why I took my time to do this application as completely as…

  • Greaser correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't the entire basis of your last comment that there is a lot of controversy. In my opinion a Trial position is exactly for these situations.

  • Greaser i totally agree with you that's why i'm applying for a “Trial position”.

  • All of them have been active players and have had staffing experience with me. Quote from Volar: “ ”

  • Thanks man. I really appreciate your vote of confidence. I look forward to working with you in the future. I respect the fact that you based your judgement on your own personal experience rather than the opinion of others. That, to me, makes for a good admin. Quote from IDaab: “ ”

  • i Wish for the people who feel this way to come on the server and get in information that is not 2 years old. every single person who has given me a +1 are the active players who have taken the time to be on the server and have seen my performance. Quote from ThunderShorts: “ ” Quote from HAND OF DOOM: “ ” Quote from BPN17: “ ” Quote from MavFree: “ ”

  • I have tried to approach this application with an open mind and put forth my best effort. If that isn't enough than I will accept that. I value my place in the community and will make every effort to make it a better place, no matter what rank I hold. Quote from ThunderShorts: “--ThunderShorts ”

  • I do believe that was a suicide to switch to vip after you killing me. It just so happens i spawn near you and because you killed me i switched to vip. You had to suicide at the time because the mod did not automatically switch you. My understanding was you would not accept that it was a mistake and because of a switch and not an intentional soc before i went afk in Asher’s. @Doom All i am applying for is a trial position. Surly my performance over the last month or so merits taking a look ecpec…

  • Quote from Greaser: “I've only ever had one real problem with Castle as co admin on other servers, and that's just because he was a little bit power hungry. Initiative isn't always a bad thing, but if you've changed that into something a bit positive like I heard you've been doing, then it's a yes from me. ” Thanks man. I appreciate your vote of confidence. I understand where you are coming from when you say I was power hungry before. I'm hoping that the last month or so I've been back has shown…

  • Check the ips it logs from its my bestie Josh, There should be 3 my house his house and another mutual friend. Assuming we are talking about Drago. I did how ever ask him to comment.

  • Steam Name: BoSS The Castle SteamID: STEAM_0:0:17852974 Age: 18 - How long have you been a part of our community(either server)?: Altogether,, I have been a part of our community for about 8 years (with some breaks in between). I have both helped to manage servers, and run some myself. - What does being a staff member entail?: Why do you believe that you deserve to be granted a trial-staff position?: I believe that I should be granted the opportunity to become a staff member because I have prove…

  • omg what even

  • --Basic info-- Age: 18 In-Game name: BoSS The Castle [RQ] SteamID:STEAM_1:0:17852974 Time played: 60 --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: yes Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: How will you benefit the server?: I have noticed a startlingly high percentage of officers to rebels. I think the civil protection role provides a crucial piece to the roleplay community. Both in having officers to help new players as well as keeping crime low. Officers provide an amazing source of entertainment and…