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  • not being a suck up!! but thanks alot everyone ! ill be a great person to fill the spot, and keep up on the news in the fourms! hopefully ill get the job! thanks! looking forward to many more long days and nights with you all! haha only bought the game again to come to this server!

  • Age: 21 In-Game name:adamkennykcr SteamID: bigken3452 STEAM_0:0:19178354 Time played:81 --Questions-- Do you have a mic?:yes,I prefer but I don’t mind using mic to speak up and be heard Why are you applying for Civil Protection?:looking forward to get a chance at civil protection just for the fact to stop rdm’ing and become apart of the team, about half my hours consist of later hours where sometimes there is no cops or admins on or available What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?:No rdm’…