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  • RUST

    usecode Zorr - - General Discussion


    I love playing Rust, I play almost everyday, I would love to see a Cold Community Rust server! +1

  • BEAMED - I have played on the server a few times. (I am sort of newer to HL2DM) but when I was playing on the server, beamed was a huge help to me. Showing me around the map, explaining the game to me more in depth. He showed me tons of commands that I can use, and about a bunch of the jobs! If anybody deserves admin I think it would have to be beamed! He knows a lot about the game, he is a great player, he's always positive and friendly to the new players from what I've experienced so far! He w…

  • Great application, I played on the server a few times, and every time I needed help or asked a question he was always there happy to help! I think he would make a great admin! +1