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  • game npcs and map spazzes out

    Danilo - - Roleplay HL2DM


    Thats why you dont play on a MAC Edit: Buy a pc.

  • Quote from P0rnstar Gangstar: “i was trying to talk with him and i think he isnt fully aware of the rules. He didnt act out of emotions, this is what i could interpret by talking with him. I think some1 has to intodruce him the ruels in a language he understands, so we can confirm the thing what i said above. ” Everytime we try to speak to him he completely ignores us. Also i think he uses "language barrier" as an excuse. When we would talk to him in english, even by calling him "Currian" he wou…

  • I have a screenshot of currian doing the same. He also kept chasing me so that i would attack him the whole day. Plus didnt cuff anyone but me until i made him notice. Also leaves people in jail even when stuck due to jail bug and killed idioten as cuffed in jail. He has previous cop reports even from me for "doorblocking" linesse elevator. He also switches to cop to avoid death and Camp in pd for some time after getting assraped as a rebel.

  • cp app

    Danilo - - Accepted Applications


    +1 He seems to be nice and really up to be a cop

  • +1 I still need more cops to kill, and he's also good.

  • +1 i need cops to kill

  • Police Revamp

    Danilo - - Suggestions


    I side with Volar. This would kill the cop job even more, if not definitely. Also with the thing of dailies where you gotta make way too many cuffs.

  • Your name: ¤ Danilo ¤ Your steam id: [U:1:48446376] Description of the bug: Gang plugin breaks randomly, leaving players unable to do anything. When typing /invitetogang you sometimes manage to make it work, and sometimes get the error message "Unknown command: sm_invitetogang" When typing /specialty it sometimes works and sometimes gives error message "Unknown command: sm_specialty" Weird thing is it breaks only to some players. Some gang members dont spawn with gang things either. Halp. Cant s…

  • Partner Robbing [Possible event]

    Danilo - - Suggestions


    //Bank partner robbing// //General Concept// So, BOB and I have been thinking about an event which could be really cool and bring more activity in the server: Partner Robbing needs a minimum of 2 players to start and both players need to be inside a setup area next to the vault entrance. Said players need to be Robbers in order to start the robbery. The operation starts when 2 or more players have typed /raid in chat. The raid operation will take 10 minutes to complete: after the 10 minutes have…

  • Picture of yourself

    Danilo - - General Discussion


    index.php ¯\_( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_/¯

  • the dog's what ???

    Danilo - - Denied Ban Request


    Sex can be received by dailies, i dont think he's doing some kind of "black market dealing" from VIP store. Also, BOB bought Sex from dog's what, so VIP sold to VIP even in that case.

  • Just a quick update: This upcoming week i start stage period, meaning that for 3 weeks ill be playing a bit less and on my night time. Im not leaving, dont get wrong ideas.

  • vraua.'s cop application

    Danilo - - Denied Applications


    Unskilled and dumb, cant throw fridges for shit. Not a threat to my marijuana plants and crimes. +1 On a serious note, he seems to be helpful towards new people and respectful of the rules so yeah. Was also a cop previously.

  • Item Drop Next Sunday

    Danilo - - News/Announcements


    Quote from Volar: “So what you're saying is you're going to start dropping all this stuff and the Server is going to crash. Good to know. ” >I died

  • Duer, i guarantee you im not a troll or trolling anyone. And also, im playing on my own. If you notice bob recently is hardly ever around me. Also why are you all so worried? Like, you are giving Me admin, not bob, and if i fuck up you can strip me in a second, its not that you are giving Me unlimited power or root access. I dont really understand the "is Danilo a troll" question either, i dont think ive ever been trolling or been acting like One.

  • Thank you spatola!

  • Thank you vraua!

  • I saw you on the server, always found you afking when i play, but i guess thats normal since im an european. The steam id field isnt correct, you provided your profile URL. You should change it: you can find the steam id on steamid finder, if you Google it its the First result. When you listed cp rules i expected more rules to be in, such as dont jail/unjail/uncuff other cops cuffs. The rest seems fine to me. Good luck!

  • Greaser, people has seen that even as a cop i make no favoritism and treat everyone equally. I promise that i wont be "corrupted" nor influenced to take different actions toward certain people. Im onest and fair. Law is the same for everyone.

  • Thank you BPN, As you said english isnt my native language, im Italian, and im slowly trying to get rid of things such as stutterings and mispronunciations of certain words. Hopefully with time ill get better. Thank you again!