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  • Thank you sir Volar!

  • How do you "accidentally" hit someone square in the chest? That could have been any weapon and you would have hit me.

  • I has VIP as well but still a newbie tag.

  • Your in-game name: MeTaL ^x^ The Staffs In-game name: Mandrew - Wonderland_War Staffs Steam ID: [U:1:65349981] Description of the Event: Cop killed me with RPG without me attacking them. Proof of Event:…i_vAMUu-/view?usp=sharing

  • CM-Vulcan cop app

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Applications


    -1 Also I honestly can't tell if this is a serious application or you were bored.

  • --Your information-- IGN: MeTaL ^x^ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29287041 Steam Profile: --Accused member information-- IGN: brenDEN SteamID: [U:1:860385166] Steam Profile: --Format-- What rules did said player break?: SUICIDE out of combat, player drowned himself to avoid being shot and going to jail with his bounty Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: Me and Hoosa shooting at him as he's in t…

  • --Your information-- IGN: MeTaL ^x^ SteamID: STEAM_0:1:29287041 Steam Profile: --Accused member information-- IGN: (A3) Bpn17 nick SteamID: [U:1:10848171] Steam Profile: --Format-- What rules did said player break?: Doorblocking Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: Witnesses at the scene: JP Hoosa Lawdog Was there an admin online at the time?: Yes Lawdog If the previous question was …

  • China's Dev/ Admin Application

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Applications


    China is a player who has a great intelligence but isn't afraid to be the bad guy. He is meticulous and clever and due to these traits could make a fine addition to the dev team. Even if it is working on something small, or just looking for bugs/errors I'm sure there is some kind of work that he could take on that would free up other dev's to work on bigger projects. I'm fine to give a +1

  • temp keys

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Suggestions


    Quote from Captain Cock: “For me I think pro afking is really frustrating, particularly for new players who join what looks like a busy server only to find it’s deserted. I’d prefer to see all locks banned and seek and destroy hiding afk players be a thing. ” You could just yankow, break locks. It's a function of the game. AFKing doesn't make as much money as some people think, with the rate that the server crashes youll only make 5-10k at a time. If you are a really high wage, maybe 20k. Active…

  • That is not a bad idea at all, but there's a lot of variables and balancing that will have to be required. Another thing that could be added to that idea is like a value vote, so whatever your "donating" you can put a vote in for what it goes towards, and the highest dollar amount per vote is the winner kind of thing. Or it could be a random system with % chances kind of thing. Or we can make it drop a new special loot crate that's diff from the shipment. Maybe it has mini pinata's, or other thi…

  • Now that Hungry Mans are 75k out of the vendor there should be a buyback for them as well. Another item that people get from dailies and spins that don't generally get used as much are PD jammers and scanners. PJSw6hQAAAAASUVORK5CYII=

  • Jinx's CP Application

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Accepted Applications


    After meeting Jinx today, my initial thoughts of the player is that he will end up being a troll type of cop. One who bends the rules and looks for any reason to stretch what he can and cannot do. I would be cautious as the last time I gave a +1, the player ended up being this kind of cop. He also was door blocking and stating that it was not door blocking as this is the biggest red flag I have seen. Due to this specific red flag I will be giving a -1

  • new map poll suggestion

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Suggestions


    Quote from CM-VULCAN: “Can we use some of the maps we havent played 20 times please. ” The reason those maps don't get played is because they are garbage. Quote from Hozza: “if it aint pray, it aint good ” If the server didn't crash literally ever 4-6 hours on it I would actually be open to pray, but the constant crashing sucks.

  • Discord Ban Appeal

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Accepted Ban Appeals


    I changed the format since the ban appeal is for discord and not in server. Your Discord ID: (7L) MeTaL ^x^#4062 Your in-game Name: MeTaL ^x^ Why you got banned: I do not know the specific reason for the banning, but in hindsight I believe it has been due to my overall toxic behavior in the discord and in the server. Other Information you think we should know: With a new year I am trying to turn a new leaf and be a more positive light in this great community. I have seen that I have been overboa…

  • I know generally non witnesses aren't supposed to comment, but looking through the very bad resolution demo, what hustler is saying seems to be true. Below I have attatched 2 snips of the demo showing the RPG dropping before he physically touches the ground, I have circled said RPGs placement. I had to change the playback speed of the second demo to .25 to see it, but if you go frame by frame, you can see he dies b4 making contact with the ground.

  • As a user of the hungryman currently I love it, but I could still do fine without it. I honestly only started using it against hustler when he uses sex now that he has VIP. Quick tip of counter for people looking to fight against it, I have been adding the AR to my repertoire to counter healing and healing binds, because of the constant DPS and the high damage, it can negate someone healing with hungry mans or chocolate cakes. Getting rid of hungry mans might be a solution, but you guys could al…

  • hustler's house impossible props

    MeTaL ^x^ - - Suggestions


    If the setup was horizontal it would have been more fair, the fact that its a straight line to the defense spot makes it so they can just juggle you with knockback till you are dead. You can see I am using alot of health and heals and it doesn't even matter.

  • Even with infinite health you would never be able to get into hustlers house. The DOUBLE GRAV DOOR that is also a CROUCH allows him to use knockback and keep you in one spot. I have video of me using sex and hungry mans to attempt to get passed the grav door crouch alone without dying but it is just physically impossible. He also glitches the back door to the house to shoot through, I have video proof but not demo proof as my demo didn't properly save. Video of double grav door juggling: drive.g…

  • is anyone else able to see it when it's invisible to you?

  • As I have taken some time to reflect and look back, I have realized that I have not conducted myself in the best manner, and with this I would like to publicly apologize for my actions as well as thank every single person above for giving me their honest feedback. I will be removing/editing my negative replies from this post, as the people affected do not deserve to be treated in that manner for applying their honest feedback. With this in mind I invite everyone and anyone to continue to provide…