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  • Quote from op4_Capt_n3Mo: “-1 from me First off you are a massive troll Second not enough hours. this guy door blocks, soc’s and is a total troll. maybe later down the road I’ll change my mind but sry -1 from me for now. ” meanie

  • Age:100 In-Game name: sentinel SteamID: Time played: 4 hours --Questions-- Do you understand that upon being Accepted as Cop you forfeit being a Gang Member(If one) and that you may never be a Cop and in a Gang at the same time?: Yes, I do understand that. Do you have a mic?: no. what do you think i am? Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: The server needs more cops, and i've always wanted to keep law and order in the server. so i can curb stomp civilian scum What are the basic rules as C…