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  • thats funny Capt cock ! LOLOLOL Thanks !!

  • I agree with Hustler Give him pussy of the whole game award, I wouldn't trust metal x to clean restrooms.

  • something need to be done

    Rebel AgenT - - Hall of Fail


    I have been coming into the server for over 2 1/2 years and Doom has always been a fair and attentive (even overly fair and attentive )Admin . The fact that Repulsive selfish spamming bitch player >>>> Metal X<<<,, can talk shit on him is a joke ! Give Doom more credit more power in server >>

  • I really don't want to spend my time bothering the server with my issues but i have to say after three or four days consecutively Matu shows up four three minutes as cop when he wasn't even there just minutes before and fucks me up!!! no reason for it i feel this is very abusive related to the same reason players are not supposed to switch back and forth But MATU has been diving in ripping me of as cop and then leaving minutes later thuis has gone on to much for me not to mention it please talk …

  • New Map

    Rebel AgenT - - Suggestions


    Uptown map!!!

  • Economy Reset

    Rebel AgenT - - Suggestions


    I must say I think that this partly stems from Player who don't play ? Why would you guys want to lose what you worked for? Took me a year of constant work in server to earn and share money and items. Rarely was i ever AFK. The Idea of newbs can't keep up ? that's crazy some of us with big bank help out new players routinely and help them to find thier way to Fame and Fortune here in Cold Comm!!! wtf guys inventory lost in a reset also ?

  • Hello Cold Community ! I assure the admins on the server i have read and understand the rules and i do know not to be shooting under tens unless provoked . Friday Evening when i arrived was very active : and two of three under tens were most definitely caught in the heat of the moment and were shooting players including me , i was after huztler and pizza while running around picking up trash and was killed by many players mainly the cops and the newest players there and everyone else Please un-b…

  • Bosses keen and intricate understanding of the Rules and policies that make CCRP server unique and his willingness and desire to be a strong rep. of the server and a helpful honest guide ! I would vote yes !! to having boss be a Permanent admin or a higher level admin AgenT