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  • Quote from Capt_n3Mo: “Im pretty sure we had this chat a few weeks ago. We can not shoot rpg's at fences and other props to cause splash damage to a player that is behind it. Must use a weapon that has a clear line of travel to the other player. Helps keep it fair with our props, so props can not be abused. I would really hate to ban you as you are a great, and very active player. You truly try you're best to follow the rules. If ever unsure....just don't do it and ask an admin. Pm, discord.. We…

  • This is some illegal blyat shit, beech. On the off chance that this is actually illegal, I would just like to say the first time this happened I ASKED MULTIPLE TIMES if it was illegal and everyone online said hustler was full of shit. So if it is, I'm sorry but please someone tell me next time.

  • couldn't find delete, so edited this comment

  • Just an Edit: Apparently the demo files were supposed to be a before and after, so I clarified which one is which.

  • --Your information-- IGN: Wellywitdashelly SteamID: STEAM_0:0:609961076 Steam Profile: --Accused member information-- IGN: hot blaze (or BrenDEN) SteamID: STEAM_0:0:430192583 Steam Profile: --Format-- What rules did said player break?: Cheating Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: I believe the demo contains brenden getting multiple headshots (or at least 1shots) in a row. Previously…

  • China ban appeal

    wellywitdashelly - - Denied Ban Request


    Well from what I witnessed, China is actually the victim of a huge misunderstanding. You see, Hand of Doom was running a website in which users could pay him to drown kittens (1 or several, depending on the price of course). Now China, being the hero that he is, decided he couldn't live with this site being up. So he tried his darndest to get this website taken down. Of course at the last second, Rezzo took over to take the fall for evil mastermind Hand of Doom. But real ones know the truth.