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  • +1 this guy knows the rules and isnt afraid to take action when he notices something wrong. I think having him as an admin would be benificial to the server.

  • #CsGoRp-ETA?

    Yankee Jack - - General Discussion


    Okay, so short and simple. I am here to drum up alittle support for csgo rp. Basically just +1 if u would like to see a CsGo:Rp server from cold community. -Thanks

  • +1I've Been around the server now for a bit and feel I do have a vested interest in who becomes admin. My experiences with mister Castle have never really been "bad". I haven't noticed any exploits or cheating. and as far as instability, Well all the admins here are opinionated. and cops vs. robbers role play can be very... incendiary. I have seen this guy be helpful to other players and offer assistance when asked or someone obviously needs it. He tends to play with respect to the shield. and t…

  • +1 I would give her a shot. She's friendly, and active.

  • DH admin app :)

    Yankee Jack - - Removed Applications


    +1 last time DH was admin ( I felt ) he was actually pretty good ( knew the rules and helped those online ) and the fact that he was mostly active while the other admins where afk or offline was a help to the community of that timezone. His personal insight and willingness to speak up in the forums and other medium could also benifit the community. PS - There was one occasion i whitnessed a player using the name (DH) as cop killing newbies and afkers and the like. I didnt grab steam id and this …

  • Can always use another quality officer. +1. p.s. Mines bigger doom... just saying.

  • xbow skillcuff poll

    Yankee Jack - - Roleplay HL2DM


    yes, skill cuff "help the elderly."

  • I Like Beefs Ideas But feel they dont cover all problems. My List of admin prop rules is as fallows. ( oh and yes i know my resize rule ignors the wiki but i feel resize is the most exploited glitch in the system. ) -Admin Propping Rules ( Players /Admins Homes ) Re-size Command may NOT be used. ( EVER! ) Props that are one way opaque and oneway Transparent Must be Placed on a wall / surface larger then theyare. visible side facing into the home. No overhang off the wall / surface.They may not c…

  • --Basic info-- 30 |NotD| SaBiN 0:1:38542731 10 Days, 4 Hours --Questions-- Do you have a mic?: Yes. Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: -It will be fun to protect and serve. What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: - Cuff/Uncuff and Jail is at 1,800+ Crime. - Do not shoot at Rebels unless shot at first. - - The player does not have to actually hit you. It just needs to be clear that they attempted to shoot you. - Kickdoor is to be used when a player has 4,000+ crime to enter their …