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  • Prop admin application

    Repent1337 - - Applications


    +1 I Also approve

  • --Basic info-- Age:30 In-Game name: Repent1337:) SteamID: 76561199256196123 Time played: 290+ Days --Questions-- Do you understand that upon being Accepted as Cop you forfeit being a Gang Member(If one) and that you may never be a Cop and in a Gang at the same time?: Affirmative. Do you have a mic?: Yes, I will use if necessary. Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: We need more cops! I’ve been here a while, and now that I know the rules pretty well I feel more comfortable with the positio…

  • Circumstantial Map Change?

    Repent1337 - - Suggestions


    I hope for a smaller map. The last seemed to small, and this seems to big. The server has lost a lot of players overall and now I miss what it was.

  • +1 on at least coroner. (for zombies too) If we had coroner, wouldn't we need to reconnect less often? Better FPS with less bodies. Would the server also need to be reset less often too? The cell idea seems ok too if implemented correctly. Like violent crime VS planting printing crime etc needs to be accounted for.

  • Hustler Ban request

    Repent1337 - - Accepted Ban Request


    He was at first skipping crossbows, he had some luck, but when we cought on to it, we moved out of the way. then he used RPG's to reach us where we could not get him back. RPG splashing???